Enhance Your Business With Foam Boards

Every business owner desires to have crowd pleasing promotions and products for their business utilizing effective and inexpensive tools. We, at Foamboard source, understand that these solutions can come from anywhere, and that the ability to be creative and flexible is of utmost importance. That’s why we think differently from others and strive to bring a wide variety of useful products and quality tools for building any type of foamboard project. We bring solutions that help you achieve the most durable, reliable, and valuable results for every project. Foamboardsource.com is your online resource for all your foam boards and display needs.

Quality Foam Board

Foam boards are lightweight and easily cut materials used for the mounting of photographic prints, as backing of picture framing, in 3D design, and more. Some of the most common uses of foam board are in making signs, backing surfaces, support for posters and displays, photographic mounting, dimensional lettering, vinyl lettering, display production and many, many more uses. The basic choices in the types of foam board include- colored boards, Sintra PVC boards, Gator foam board, acid-free boards, flame resistant boards, JetMount foam boards, Rynoboard foam boards, Styrene-Faced foam boards, presentation boards, and acrylic boards, unfaced foamboard, etc.
Foam boards are ideal for screen-printing, die cutting, mounting, framing and prototypes. If you wish to use foam boards for display, we have many display options like pedestals, panel stands 1/4" capacity (2-pack), and panel stands 1/2" capacity (2-pack).

We also supply quality tools and accessories, including FoamWerks Cutting tools, Olfa Knife products, Fletcher Substrate cutters, perimeter trim & lineal, panel connectors, edge trims, sign holders, spray adhesives, and tapes etc. to shape and modify the foam board to its maximum potential.

Everything You Need to Know About Foam Boards

Foam boards are widely used today due to their flexible and durable nature. They come in many variations that are useful for a variety of different applications. Foam boards are extensively used in the advertisement industry for example. Their flexibility and long-lasting features also make them an ideal option to mount photographs and posters of all kinds. The heat resistant and the water resistant properties of some varieties of foam boards make them the perfect choice for outdoor use; hence this particular type is the best fit for billboards and outdoor advertising.

Foam board is an adaptable material that comes in a variety of colors and types that are suitable for both commercial and residential use. Moreover, they are lightweight and can support all kinds of crafting materials and projects. Foam boards usually have smooth, clean and bright surfaces, which give the craft project the vitality that it needs. They can be used for the display of announcements, notice papers, posters, photo framing and more. Foam boards come in many different categories such as – colored foam boards, sintra boards, gatorfoam, acid-free boards, flame resistant boards, jetMount foam boards, presentation boards, etc.

Amidst the many online foam board suppliers in the U.S.A, Foam board source is the largest supplier of the best quality and variety of foamboard including colored foam board, Sintra board, presentation board products, and cutting tools. We supply various creative accessories for use with foam board, including foamboard hanging coils, foam hangers, panel connectors, panel connector discs, dual grip hinges, standard edge trim, double wing easels, perimeter trim machine & lineals, double-sided foam tape, yard sign holders, velcro tape & coins. At Foam board source, we also supply cutting machines and creative tools (olfa knives, keen cut wall & table cutters logan, foamwerks cutting tools) for working with and shaping foam boards. For more information about foam boards, you can visit www.foamboardsource.com