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Dry Erase Boards are an important staple item that has played a role in changing the educational and commercial sectors for the better. Hardly any of the classrooms or conference halls stick to chalkboards these days, thanks to dry erase foamboards. Most teachers opine that ‘dry erase board’ serve as a better tool for education.

There’s no more chalk dust filling the classroom while writing or erasing the written word off the chalk board, and also no more chalk dust on your fingers. Lessons, meetings, and discussions can be carried out in a chalk dust-free environment – thus removing the ill effects that chalk dust could have had on you.

Dry Erase Boards
This is what a dry erase board looks like:

Neat, right?
A dry erase board is a flat panel that is smooth, flat, shiny and usually white in color. It has a sleek, clean and elegant look, as opposed to a chalkboard. Teachers and students find these dry erase boards to be efficient tools that make teaching and learning a lot more simple and fun.

Advantages of Dry Erase Boards
  1. Unlike chalkboards, dry erase boards look better and are user-friendly in classrooms and board meetings.
  2. It’s easy to wipe the writing off even with a tissue or a soft cloth.
  3. They can also serve the purpose of acting as an excellent screen for business presentations that can be projected on their smooth surfaces a via projector.
  4. They are good to look at and add to the visual appeal of any room. Markers of a number of colors are available in the market and can be used by marketers or teachers using the dry erase boards to aid visibility and understanding.
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