Learn How to Mount Photos on Foam Boards

It’s easy to enhance your pictures by adding colors and glitters, but the most important thing to keep in mind is how to display them. Mounting and framing are the best techniques you need to make your best photo shine. Mounting a picture asks the viewers to consider the image more as an object. Moreover, the right mounting techniques save your art from acidic conditions and from the wall on which the picture is hanging. Knowing the right mounting techniques and understanding their importance will definitely give more options when you want to mount your work for display.

Usually, we use wood, metal, and other materials for displaying pictures. But mounting photos on foam boards is a good way to grab the attention of viewers. A Foam board is a stiff and lightweight material used for mounting and displaying photographs and prints. 

Self-Adhesive - Mounting Instructions

Depending on the size of your image, you may be able to accomplish the mount by yourself.

Peel back an inch or two of the liner sheet on the board.  This reveals the adhesive.

Carefully align the top and sides of the print to the board. 

Once aligned, place the print down from the top edge.  As you are doing this, keep putting pressure down on the print all the while pushing out the air bubbles to the sides and bottom. 

Once you have the initial one or two inches down, slowly peel back some more release liner and apply the print in the same fashion, apply pressure and move out the air.  Continue this all the way down the sheet.  If you have a small bubble when you are done, just use a pin and poke a hole in the center of it.  This should get rid of any small bubbles.

If you are doing a large print, it would certainly help to have someone else there to hold the print above the sheet as you peel back the release liner and apply the print.  You definitely don't want the print hitting the adhesive before you are ready to apply it.

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