Safe & Affordable Foamboard Cutting Tools

Foam boards are considered highly versatile materials for both artists and crafters. They are made up of a thin sheet of Styrofoam-like material sandwiched between two layers of thin cardstock. Moreover, they are being widely used today due to their long-lasting and flexible nature. These two features make them an ideal choice to mount photographs and posters of all kinds. A foam board is an adaptable item that is environment-friendly and comes in a variety of colors that make it perfect for both residential and commercial use. Quality Tools for Cutting Foam Boards - Essential for the Proper Framing of 3-D Objects. 
At Foam board source, we supply creative tools (olfa knives, keen cut wall & table cutters logan, foamwerks cutting tools) for cutting foam boards. They are accurate, easy to use, and are able to cut rough, beveled, straight, and rabbet edges smoothly. Thanks to these simple and convenient cutting tools, anyone can create professional displays, signs, framing, and much more easily.

Quality List of Foam Board Cutting Tools 
V-Groove Cutter

This Cutter is perfect for creating boxes where you need 90 degree corners. Its features include adjustable blade depth, quick-change blade clips, a magnetic blade slot, on-board blade storage drawer, and five blades. 
Hole Drills 


 They are perfect for framing, signs, craft projects, home d├ęcor, school projects, and more. These cutters feature ergonomic designs and quick-change blade option. 
Hot Wire Cutter

This creative cutting tool can be used to cut and shape any non-laminated foam board substrate quickly and easily. Straight edges or mitered edges are no problem with this unique hot wire foam board cutting machine. 

Foam Board Source is one of the best options if you are looking for foam boards and foam board cutting tools. The extensive variety, excellent customer care services, and the most competitive prices make them the best option out there.


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