White Foam Board - An inexpensive way to Add Light to Your Images

For a professional photographer, there is no room for laxity when it comes to displaying creativity in work. A little bounced light will make the ordinary image look much more appealing to the viewer. In terms of photography, bouncing simply means placing a reflective object in the path of your light source, thereby pushing some of that light back into the subject. Bounced light helps minimize shadows/darkness and creates a brighter surrounding, which helps bring out the finest quality of the subject.

There are professional-grade DSLR cameras in the market, but you can do excellent bouncing with an ordinary white foam board. In order to add extra grace to your subject, white foam boards can be employed to produce great effects and make a huge difference to the final outcome of the photography process. White foam boards are great when you don’t want to use a harsh camera flash for shots.

Always look for quality white foam boards and collect a few different-sized pieces. When you are taking a close up shot, a smaller sheet of white foam board will be best to maneuver around your subject. Larger subjects generally need more reflected light to produce better results, so keep some larger foam board sheets as well.
Use White Foam boards to bounce light


The best way to use a white foam board is by simply keeping it opposite to your primary light source and outside the camera’s purview. In this image, the light is coming in from the right side, through a door. By placing a white foam board (bounce) on the opposite side, you can concentrate more light on the subject without employing additional artificial light sources or expensive lenses. In simple words, the image you shoot will be bright and resolution-independent.

Next time you shoot, try placing some inexpensive white foam boards in different places around your subject and see the difference. Try out this useful tip:).

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