Foam Board Packaging for Your Artwork


Having been in the art business, packaging your artwork may be something that you think you do not need lessons in, but are you really using packaging material that ensures safety of your delicate art work? You need to explore the growing number of packaging options that are available in the market and then you need to pick the best of the lot for your particular situation. After all, it is about ensuring that your original and often irreplaceable artwork gets to the buyer in one piece.

We searched on the critical aspects of packaging and figured out the best material for your fragile art pieces. Yes, we are talking about foam boards! They are sturdy yet gentle to your delicate material and preserve it well till it is delivered safely. A stiff support is specifically necessary for safe packaging and storage of flat artworks. Foam boards are ideal for this purpose. They come in varying degrees of thickness (depending on the amount of protection needed for your work), and can typically be purchased individually or in bulk. We recommend you use boards with at least half an inch of thickness for flat artworks. You simply need to place your artwork in between two cut out pieces of the board. You may also want to add an additional layer to make the padding more protective. After that, you can use plastic corners for sealing the angles and then tape the foam board to encase your artwork. Once your artwork is sandwiched neatly, you can rest assured that your piece will remain safe!

In case of picture frames, foam boards also serve the purpose of mounting the artwork inside.

Acid-free standard foam board is an excellent choice for conservation framing. This foam board provides an acid-free barrier between mounting board and artwork. Acid-free foam board has the same memory and rigidity as standard foam board with memory.

The attention to detail and the care you render to the packaging or frame mounting of your creative piece will go a long way in representing your professionalism and attention to detail with your buyers. So make sure you make the right choices in packaging your artwork and avoid any unwanted breakages or complaints. Using foam boards for packaging will make the experience of buying art much finer for your customer as it would minimize the occurrences of cracks and breakages. Remember that you want your buyer to be wowed, and instantly want to return to buy something else.

Being an artist, there’s no excuse to get lazy on your creativity when it comes to packaging!

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