Want Posters in Your Kid’s Room to Look Fabulous? Choose Foam Boards.

I recently came across an adorable cartoon poster for my son’s bedroom and wanted to surprise him by adorning the walls of his room immediately. But I had the task ahead to get the poster framed. I thought it would be easy to find the perfect poster frame and went on exploring my options in the market. Once I started looking, however, I was shocked that I could not find even a single one that would suit my requirements. First of all, it had to be smart and colorful so as to grace a kid’s bedroom. A basic black poster frame would just not look great. Second, it had to be safe for young children. If the frame were to fall, it could not be very heavy or breakable. Third, the poster frame needed to be inexpensive.

Getting nowhere in the pursuit of finding a suitable poster frame, I decided to go ahead with making one myself. I started the work by paying a visit to the nearby craft store where I soon noticed my eyes falling on foam board, which is a very popular material nowadays. The product is extremely lightweight, can be colorful and affordable at the same time. At first glance, I knew that selecting foam board for the purpose was the right choice to make. After taking a shot at my creative abilities, I was quite impressed with the final product. The frame is cute, colorful, safe, and inexpensive, just the way I was hoping it to be. The total cost of the materials also turned out to be quite minimal.

I had little idea that by using foam board and a little bit of my own creativity, I would be able to make something so nice and useful. The final product is a lightweight, colorful, and inexpensive poster frame that my son will enjoy to look at. For customers sharing the same dilemma as mine, using foam boards is a great option. Specifically, for customers looking for a modern style that is more budget friendly rather than acrylic, bamboo, and wooden framing options, the foam boards are a great choice to go with.

Standard foam board is a versatile. This foam board consists of resilient extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of bleached, semi-gloss white clay coated paper. Apart from mounting and photo framing, the material is ideal for screen printing, die cutting, and prototypes.

The attention to detail and the care you render to framing your posters and mounting of your creative pieces will go a long way in representing your lesser known talents to the people close to you. So make sure you make the right choices in selecting the material for your framing needs. Using foam boards for framing, as I just shared with you through my experience, will make your art piece look much finer and will go a long way in gracing the walls and decorative places in your house.

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