With Foam Boards, There is No End to Exploring their Creative Uses

If you have used foam boards before, you probably know what a fabulous material foam core is. Foam boards are great for both commercial and non-commercial uses, there are a wide variety of things you can do with them.

Holiday Decorations

In this festive season, try using foam core for making holiday decorations! This is a cheap way to make your home feel festive for every holiday without investing money in expensive, store-bought decorations. Cut out shapes that correspond to a particular holiday and paint or draw on the foam core to make it festive. For instance, you can make a collection of candy canes to line your walkway or create a star for the Christmas tree.

Craft Projects

Foam board is a sturdy material and works well for a variety of craft projects. Besides the plain version, it is also available in an acid free version, making it possible to be used for scrapbooking projects without harming the photos or memorabilia. If a project calls for thick, sturdy materials like cardboard or poster board, this is a great alternative that will add some dimension along with grace to the project. 

Wall Clocks

You can make a clock right in the vicinity of your home with the help of foam core. Most craft stores sell clock supplies that include a battery pack attached to a clock arms. All you need to do is drill a hole through the foam core, put the arms through the hole and attach the battery pack to the back to create a working clock. Get creative with the look and use numbers, photos or anything else you can think of to denote 12 sections of time around the clock. The clock can be simple and basic and can also be decorated to match the decor of a room in your home.

Bulletin Board

Use foam core for making a bulletin board. Cover it with fabric and hang it on the wall. You can also put a frame around it to make it look more finished. The pushpins will stick right into the foam core just like they would a traditional cork bulletin board. The best part is that you can make this project suit your home’s decor. Put one in your child’s bedroom, one in the kitchen for the family to use for communication and one in your office or personal space to display photos and notes to yourself.

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