Use Foam Boards to Brighten Up Your Christmas

So how do you plan to make Christmas decorations for your house this festive season? While you start gathering ideas, we have some fresh DIY stuff already that can brighten up your Christmas in a unique way!

Yes, it is our light weighing, durable and easy-to-work-with foam boards that steal the show yet again with their use in some amazing decoration items. Foamboard is made from a sheet of CFC free polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of smooth acid free paper to form a strong, lightweight and rigid board with a variety of uses. The board cuts easily and cleanly with a craft knife and is ideal for mounting presentation roughs and visuals as well as displaying graphics, screen printing, craft projects and building scale models.  It is also perfect for use as a backing when framing pictures. Checkout the amazing variety of foam boards for any use at

For Christmas decorations, if you are looking for a cool way to showcase your greeting cards at home, you can create colorful DIY pin boards with easily available materials in no time! Make one large board or a trio of smaller ones and cover them with colorful wrapping paper to hang in your home this holiday season. They are lightweight, which makes them easy to hang and easy to remove, avoiding any kind of damage to your wall. They also help make an easy craft work that is perfect for the festive d├ęcor on your walls. You can use it not only to display cards and greetings but also to pin up your last year’s Christmas celebration pictures and other memorable stuff that deserves to be showcased for your loved ones. 
Christmas decorations foamboard
Here’s another Christmas decoration idea for you. The giant snowflakes below have been designed and made using foamboard. The snowflake design was sketched out onto a sheet of white foamboard and then cut out with a sharp craft knife. The cut-out was then used as a template to create another similar piece.  Next, slits matching the width of the foamboard were cut-out as in the image below and the two snowflake shapes were slotted together to make this smart and simple hanging.

The little tree below has again been made using foam board, acrylic paint, and craft knife. The tree has more of a winter wonderland kind of appeal and looks great for a decoration purpose. All of the decorations on the trees are removable so they can be used for decoration on other holidays.

foamboard for Christmas decorations

With these lovely decoration pieces that you can easily make at home, you need to look nowhere else. Foam boards will never fail to amaze you with the variety of uses they can be put to! 


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