Why PVC Foam Boards are the Best

Used for a variety of personal as well as commercial needs, foamboard is a promising and low cost material. PVCfoam board is a sturdy and fireproof material that fits for use in various domestic as well as commercial purposes. They help because PVC foam board exhibits some extremely robust qualities that make it sturdy and long-lasting. Their sheer resistance to moisture, weathering, impact, heat, acid and alkali and flame makes them suitable for use in all kinds of purposes.

Foam boards are generally used for introducing office partitions in already constructed complexes as they are convenient to add and can also be removed when not in use. The material is quite extensively used in advertising as well as for all kinds of display stands. Specifically used for ceiling, shopping mall and hotels, PVC foam boards extend their utility in architectural decoration.

The below mentioned PVC foam boards are available at www.foamboardsource.com at reasonable prices to serve a variety of purposes:

Pressure Sensitive Sintra PVC board: The self-adhesive coated Sintra PVC Foam is an extremely durable PVC sheet, which is excellent for photo mounting and requires the user to simply peel and mount. This product is also available in a variety of thicknesses such as 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm. It is also available as 1-sided self-adhesive Sintra PVC as well as 2-sided one. Sintra PVC is available with the pressure sensitive coating (self-adhesive) and is also available without pressure sensitive coating. It is durable, moderately heavy, resistant to dents, and is great for outdoor uses. It is heavier than gatorboard and can slightly bend. The self-adhesive coated PVC board is a very durable sheet. It is excellent for photo mounting and easy to use. All you basically need to do is peel off the release liner and mount. The sintra PVC foam is also available without pressure sensitive coating.

Sintra PVC Foam board: The Sintra PVC foam board is an extremely durable PVC sheet. It is extensively used for purposes such as photo mounting, display construction and a variety of other uses. The material is also excellent for outdoor use such as manufacturing of signs and displays that are made use of in promotion ads. This foam board material can also be utilized for road signs.
Unlike other materials, PVC foam boards can be printed on, coated, or made into a variety of colors. It is a great alternative to typical wood materials and these attributes are exactly what make it stand out as the right choice for such purposes.

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