How to Use Foam Boards for Your Craft Projects

One of the most user-friendly and adorable features of foam boards is that they can be cut and glued easily and therefore, make a great choice for craft projects. Writing and drawing on such a material can also be carried out with minimal effort depending on the purpose they are being used for. To complete your craft project, you will need a foamboard, craft knife, straight edge, gesso and a pencil. You can also paint your project made of foamboard by using the following steps.

Select the Right Foam Board

Depending on how you plan to use the painting you create, there are many foamboards to fit your requirements. Thicker foam board is more durable and can withstand more handling, therefore, it can be a suitable material to be used on walls. A thinner board might be suitable if you don't plan to transport or handle the painting, or if you plan to secure it in a frame. As frames will provide protection to your art work on all sides, using them will be ideal and will also add grace to the painted piece.  It is best to use a matte finish form board to ensure that the paint sticks properly to the surface.

Cut the Desired Size

Once you have purchased your chosen foam board material, cut it to the desired size using a straight edge such as a metal ruler, and a very sharp craft knife. Ensure that you do not use a dull blade as it will cause the foam core to have a torn or chewed-looking edge, taking away the polished look from your final product.

Apply Paint

Foamboard does not need to be primed.  You should use only water based paints on foamboard. Try not to add too much water to the paint as it might get too wet and the outer layer of the foam board may not handle it. Next, add matte or gloss medium to make the paint slightly thinner as needed and then, permit each layer to dry off before applying the next layer.  If you oversaturate the material it will have a tendency to bow.

Once your project is ready, you can use it to brighten up your living room or your drawing room or simply for the purpose of gifting it to a loved one. Foam core is an easily transportable art and craft material due to its sturdy yet lightweight characteristics and can be used in a variety of applications.

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