The Quick Solution for Your DIY Presentations

Foam boards are the best for mounting artwork because of their many user-friendly feature and because they can be cut and glued easily. Writing and drawing on such a material can also be carried out without much effort. If you have used foam boards, you probably know what a fabulous material foam core is. While foam boards are great for both commercial and non-commercial uses, there are plenty of other things you can do with it. 

Employing foam board for presenting your artwork is a fast and easy DIY (do it yourself) method. A foam core presentation board with one plain side and one adhesive side provides for a clean and smooth base for mounting your artwork. In order to secure your image properly, all you need to do is peel back the adhesive layer, position your work at the center and mount.

Variety of Sizes

Foam board comes in varied sizes and a variety of material combinations. So you need to be sure first as to which kind will suit your needs. At, which carries the largest supply of foam board products in the world, these useful and sturdy foam boards are available at the best prices and countless variations. While there are standard sizes in which foam boards are available, in case you have a non-standard sized print or image, you can always use a board cutter or utility knife to clip your board to fit the size. 

Ease to use

When compared to more traditional matting and framing projects, using a foam board is a much more convenient and less expensive option. There’s no need to invest in adhesive spray, frames, mats or standard hardware. You can put a cool poster up quickly and creatively by mounting it to a self-adhesive board and then attaching metal office or curtain clips to the board for hanging it.


When selecting a material for mounting purposes, it is best to go ahead with choosing a quality foam core board. Standard foam core boards are about 3/16 of an inch thick.   The added depth helps offset your work form the wall. 

Foam boards have some great qualities like resisting warping and ease of cutting.   Because of this they have become a top choice for artists, craftsmen, advertisers, and commercial workers alike. Also, utilizing other materials for the same purposes, with similar attributes, cost much more than foam boards. 

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