Types and Benefits of Self-Adhesive Foam Boards

The sturdy and lightweight material known as foam board is a popular substrate that is used for a variety of purposes. It is easily cut with a sharp craft knife or a good utility knife with a snap off blade. This amazing substrate is a framer’s choice for mounting of prints and photographs and as backing used in picture frames. Easily formed into shapes that can be put to application for interior design and architectural models, foam boards typically take up three layers, one of which is polystyrene foam garbed with an exterior facing on each side of either a paper coated with white clay coated paper. For use in picture framing, it is best recommended that the acid-free boards are used because they have a longer shelf life and do not percolate acids into the artworks.
Self-Adhesive Foam Board

Self-Adhesive Foam Board.

The best choice for cold mounting photos and artwork on to foam board is to use the self-adhesive foam board. This foam board features acid-free adhesive and is pH neutral. This foam board is easily available and supplied as one- or two-sided pressure sensitive foam board.

It is available in a variety of sizes, for example, one- and two-sided 1/8” self-adhesive foam boards are a great choice when it comes to cold mounting of photos and artwork on to foam board. They also come as one- and two-sided 3/16” self-adhesive foam boards. One- and two-sided ½” self-adhesive foam board are also available in this variety.

with wooden products and sources from Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) certified forests. This kind of a biodegradable foam board is a great choice used for cold mounting photos and artwork on to foam board. This foam board features an acid-free adhesive and is chemically inert. It is typically also supplied as one- or two-sided pressure sensitive.

3/16” one- and two-sided Re-Positionable Self-Adhesive Foam Board. 

Available in a 3/16” thickness, the repositionable self-adhesive foam board is a recommended product used for cold mounting photos and artwork on to foam board. Temporary positioning may be adjusted, removed, and reapplied to ensure a precise and neat placement of your image. After you have properly positioned your art work, apply firm pressure on it as it will enable it to become a permanent mount over time. However, the product is not recommended for valuable artwork or limited edition prints.

Use these foam boards for your artwork, school projects, marketing and advertisement displays or any other purpose, and they will serve as a great and long lasting material.

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