Explore Your Creative Side with Foam Boards

If you have used foam boards before, you probably already know what a fabulous material foam core is, and if you have purchased it from a quality store, all the better. But do you really know how much you can do with the material to manifest your creativity? Here are some cool ideas for you.

Explore Your Creative Side with Foam Boards

1.    Make festival and party decorations: 

     Foam boards make a great substrate for use in home décor and party supplies. Try using foam core for your wall and ceiling decorations and you will be amazed to see how much cheaper it is to give a new and refreshing look to your house in a much more innovative way. Cut out shapes and figures to match a particular theme that for your party or festive event. If you’re really good at drawing and painting, you could get even more creative.

2.   Make your craft projects easier than ever: 

     Working with foam boards is much easier than working with card boards or even soft boards. Foam board is a sturdy substrate and is great for putting your pieces of craft project together. Apart from the plain version, the material is also available in an acid free version, making it possible for use in scrapbook projects without spoiling the pictures. If a project calls for thick, sturdy materials like cardboard or poster board, this is a great alternative that will add some dimension along with style to the project.

3.   Use foam boards to make home-made clocks: 

     No longer do you need to spend your precious time slogging in shops looking for that unique and creative designer clock for your living room. With foam boards, you can as easily make a custom clock at home. Most craft stores sell clock supplies that include a battery pack attached to clock arms. So you simply need to drill a hole through the foam core, place the arms of the clock through the hole and attach the battery pack to the back side and there, you will have a working clock ready! You could even experiment with the look and use numbers, images, photographs or just about anything you like to denote 12 sections showing the time.

4    Display board: 

      Use foam core for making a display and bulletin board in order to keep the board light weight as well as strong at the same time. That’s the beauty of foam core; you can rest assured of the longevity of the project. Putting a frame around the board or covering it with fabric to provide a better finished look will make your piece look even better.  Pushpins will cling right onto your display board to showcase your collection of pictures, postcards and much more. A good thing about it is that you can make this project suit the décor at your home.

So here you have—foam boards—one of the most flexible materials for arts and crafts projects. So unleash your creative side and express yourself in a quick and easy way with Foam Board!

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