3 Easy Ways to Mount and Frame your Pictures

Many of us often get fascinated by beautiful artworks, posters or prints and feel the urge to frame them for our home décor. However, what happens to be the case even more frequently is that we buy those beautiful pieces only to find them stacked in cupboards for months together collecting nothing but dust. Well, no longer do you need to sit back and watch your collection of artworks getting spoiled. You can very well take the charge yourself and get those lovely prints, posters, paintings, and photos out of storage and onto your walls! Here are three quick and easy techniques to use in order to display your favorite artwork on the walls of your home. 

Mounting Photos on Foam Board

1.  Use an Adhesive Mount Board

Mounting and framing pictures and artworks is one of the things for which mounting board comes in quite handy.  Once you have purchased the board of required thickness, cut it to your required size. You should use a good utility knife with a snap off blade for cutting the board as it will help you get a smooth piece to work with. After that, gently peel back the adhesive liner a couple of inches and slowly place your print onto the exposed adhesive.  As you apply pressure to your print always press in one direction removing any air bubbles as you go.  Pull up the release liner a little more and continue to apply the your artwork to the board. The bit of black or white board background to your picture will not overshadow your artwork or the design of your room.

2. Mount Images to Foam Board

For those of you who are not yet exposed to the marvels of the unique fabric called foam board, it’s time you experienced the joy of working with them. They are light-weight, durable and cost-effective substrates used for a variety of purposes. Foam board is slightly thicker than adhesive mounting board and beside a slef-adhesivefoamboard you can use spray mount, double-sided tape or a specific type of glue to position your artwork onto the board. In order to bind your images to foam board in the best possible way, it is recommended that you use a foam boardcutter to cut it neatly. A good utility knife with a snap off blade will leave the edges smooth enough especially if the foam board used is thicker in size. Using the cutter and a good straight edge that protects your fingers, cut the board to the required size and attach your image to it. Foam boards are also available with a self-adhesive peel which are very convenient to use for such projects. To display the foam board-mounted artwork on your wall, get a simple or custom made shelf installed and simply lean the foam board-mounted images against the wall on the shelf.

3. Employ a Photo Mat

These mats are great for photographs as well as prints and are available in standard frame sizes. Often, single and double mats cut to standard specifications are offered by mat board retailers. This is a low cost option that gives your framed pieces a professional appearance and appeal.

Out of all the options listed above, using foam boards for your picture mounting and framing purposes always produces the best results. 

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