A Fool-Proof Method for Conserving Art Projects in the Shipping Process

If you are one among those experienced professionals in the art business, you may not need lessons for packaging your artwork for shipping. However, it could be important for you to consider the material you are using to protect your delicate art work.

Foam board
There is a huge variety of substrates available in the market nowadays and you do need to explore the various packaging options to ensure you select the best one. After all, it is about ensuring that your original and often irreplaceable artworks get to their buyer in one piece. 

Looking into the critical aspects of packaging, foam boards are ideal for this purpose. They are robust, relatively inexpensive, yet very protective of your fragile art work and will therefore, go a long way in ensuring that it’s well preserved until delivered.

A strong support is particularly necessary for safe packaging and storage of artworks that are flat in shape and structure. The best part about foam boards is that they are usually available in different degrees of thickness. So you can simply choose the one that suits you depending on the amount of protection needed for your work.

Foam boards can typically be purchased individually or in bulk. It is recommended that boards that have at least half an inch of thickness be used for flat artworks. Framed works and jewelry, for instance, need a bit of extra care for which packaging with these boards serves the purpose best without taking a lot of time. All you need to do is place your artwork in between two cut out pieces of the board. You may also want to add an additional layer to make the padding squishier. After that, you can use plastic corners in order to seal the angles and tape your artwork. Once your artwork is sandwiched neatly, you can rest assured that your piece will remain safe! In addition, for picture frames, foam boards can also serve as the perfect way of mounting the artwork inside.

A great option for conservation framing is acid-free standard foam board. This foam board provides an acid-free barrier between mounting board and artwork. They have the same memory and rigidity as standard foam board with memory.

Packaging using foam board

No matter how good you are at your art projects, you still need to pay due attention to the packaging of your work as it also represents your professionalism and experience to the buyer. At the same time, the material you use will assure the safety of your projects and prevent any unwanted cracks and breakages.
Using foam boards for packaging will not only create a lasting impression on the mind of your customer, but would also rule out any possibility of your project getting spoiled before your buyer gets a chance to enjoy your masterpiece. 

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