Best Tools and Practices for Cutting Foam Boards

There are many nice and interesting art pieces that foam board can be used to make! Widely used for craft and presentation projects, the substrate is known for its rigidity and durability that help projects last long. However, while foam boards are certainly more durable than other types of presentation and craft material, it can be a bit tricky to cut them due to the hardness of the outer layers and the foam they have in the middle. As such, you need to be careful while setting out to slice through foam board pieces as improper cutting can result in rough and unsightly edges that might make your project look unprofessional.

So you can continue to focus on the creative for your work of art, we’ve put up some best practices around cutting foam boards to help your project come out neat!

The Best way to Make Straight-Line Cuts

It is best to use a utility knife and ruler to cut straight lines through a foam board. This way, you won’t have to buy expensive, specialized tools to do the job for you. However, do ensure that the blade of the knife is sharp. You also might need to replace the blade often if you have multiple pieces of foam board to be cut. Place a metal-edged ruler that is as long as the line to be cut on the foam board and hold the ruler with a strong grip so it doesn’t wander while cutting. Hold the utility knife at a 45-degree angle from the foam board. Remember, if you hold the knife straight, the result turns out to be a ragged edge. You will also need to apply the pressure evenly while cutting across the foam board in a single continuous line. Taking abrupt pauses in between would also result in rough edges on the board.

How to Make Fine Detailed Cuts

For those working on a more complicated design or a bigger project, it is wise to utilize the many special tools made especially to cut foam boards. Such specialized tools that were particularly developed for making detailed cuts prove quite useful for teachers, architects and marketers who use foam boards often for their work projects. For instance, circles in foam boards can be cut without any difficulty by using a circle cutter. A dedicated hole cutter is used to cut holes in the foam board without getting the edges ragged. A tool for specifically creating rabbet cuts for joining foam board pieces is also available. 

Curves can be cut with a free-style cutter, which has a thinner blade than a utility knife for a cleaner cut. Alternately, a good way to cut intricate designs on a tight budget without purchasing specific foam-board cutting tools is using standard wood-working tools with a fine-toothed blade. Hand tools such as a coping saw, are also good for making intricate cuts. A scroll saw, on the other hand, can also be used for cutting foam board. It is important, however, to ensure use of the finest blades available for the tool to achieve the best results, and buying tools designed specifically to cut foam board is the best choice.

A Good Way to Make Neat Geometric-Shape Cuts 

The best way to develop geometric designs from foam boards such as letters and shapes is by employing a die-cutting tool. Such tools are available in a variety of sizes suited for specific needs. A typical die-cutting tool will create consistent geometrically shaped designs by using the same die for each piece.

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