Selecting the Right Foam Board for Your Project

A foam board, also known as foam poster board or foam core, is a long lasting material which is lightweight and available in many variations that easily fit the requirements of various types of applications. The board cuts easily and cleanly with a craft knife and is ideal for mounting presentation roughs and visuals as well as for displaying graphics, screen prints, craft projects, and building scale models.
White foam core

It is also perfect for providing a backing while framing pictures. At present, foam boards are becoming a preferred substrate because they have so many features and are easily available both online and in the market. Their flexibility and other properties make them the perfect choice for mounting all kinds of posters and photographs.
High-quality foam boards can be used for the display of announcements, notice papers, posters, photos, etc. They are light in weight and are, therefore, ideal for craft projects because they support all types of crafting materials. Foam boards have flat, clean, and bright surfaces giving the craft project the look and feel that they need. Gator Boards also come in very handy for various forms of photo mounting projects.
Foam board for die cutting

There are various categories of foam boards – colored boards, Sintra boards, Gator foam, acid-free boards, biodegradable boards, flame resistant boards, JetMount foam boards, Rynoboard foam boards, Styrene-faced foam boards, presentation boards, and acrylic boards. Foam board suppliers offer a wide range of such boards to customers in varying degrees of thickness, sizes, and colors. Some online stores particularly showcase a wide range of products and ample expertise to successfully meet the demands of different users and their projects. Foam boards are ideal for die cutting, mounting, framing and developing prototypes. Many display options such as pedestals, panel stands 1/4″ capacity (2-pack), and panel stands 1/2″ capacity (2-pack) are easily available nowadays. is one of the most reliable suppliers of foam boards online. Extensive variety, excellent customer reviews, after-sale services, and competitive prices make them the most preferred destination for purchasing foam boards for users.

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