How to Use Sintra PVC Foam Board

Foam boards are one of the most versatile products available in the market nowadays in terms of the ways in which they can be put to use. They are very strong and lightweight materials that are commonly used for sign making, backing artwork, mounting photographic and 3D designs, and many other projects. They are available in white, black, gray as well as colored varieties of foam boards. White foam boards have smooth, clay-coated, glossy lines whereas black foam boards have a solid black core, wrapped in smooth matte black paper. One such useful category of foam boards is the Sintra PVC® foam board.

Sintra® PVC Foam board is a very durable PVC sheet. It is commonly used for photo mounting, display construction, and a variety of other uses. It is excellent for outdoor use. Sintra is a rather strong category of foam board that is lightweight, yet rigid. The sheet is made of expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) squeezed out in a homogenous sheet having a low gloss matte finish.

A trusted brand leader, Sintra PVC foam board successfully meets two of the most important parameters of a long-lasting foam board: strength and flexibility. It is preferred by users across trades and is particularly suitable because it is easily drawn into desirable shapes by applying wood and foam board fabrication techniques.

With superior resistance to dents or scratches, it is preferred for application in both interior and exterior signage for medium-term application life. It is also highly recommended for use in making POP displays. At the same time, it is used for framing for both long-term and archival long-term application life.

Almost all regular fabrication techniques seem to work fine with Sintra PVC foam boards. However, some instructions specifically charted out for Sintra PVC foam boards must be followed. For example, when mounting with this substrate, it is advisable to use only cold mounting techniques with direct digital printing and screen printing techniques. As far as cutting of this type of foam board is concerned, knife or blade cutting is recommended for foam boards of 1-3 mm size. These, and few other sizes, can be cut using a saw cutter. In terms of designing and appearance alteration, paint is often used as a safer substance. On the contrary, embossing is not recommended as a designing option. Die cutting for Sintra PVC foam board is recommended for gauges up to 5 mm or 3/16". is a renowned and trusted source for all kinds of foam board suited for both commercial and domestic purposes. Stocking a vast supply of foam boards that includes a variety of Sintra PVC products with all gauges and colors, the store provides for many custom cut sizes and quantity choices.

Essential Tools for Cutting Foam Boards

Foam boards are largely used by both artists and craftsmen for various projects. Offering great adaptability and impressive sturdiness, foam boards serve as a reliable material for professional use. Foam boards are available in a variety of colors. Serving multiple purposes in craft projects, artwork, for signs for retail applications, and more, they are best-suited for both residential as well as commercial use. While foam boards are easy to work with, specific tools are also available for cutting and modifying them as they help make the project come out neat. Such tools are particularly essential for proper framing of 3-D objects.

Creative tools (olfa knives, keen cut wall and table cutters logan, foamwerks cutting tools) for cutting foam boards are the important tools that ensure precision of designs and neat cuts. They are easy to use and are able to cut rough, beveled, straight, and rabbet edges smoothly. These are accurate cutting tools using which anyone can create professional displays, signs, or frames with ease.

 V-Groove Cutter

The v-Groove Cutter is perfect for creating boxes where you need 90-degree corners. Its features include adjustable blade depth, quick-change blade clips, a magnetic blade slot, on-board blade storage drawer, and five blades.


Hole drills are perfect for framing, signs, craft projects, home d├ęcor, school projects, and more. These cutters feature ergonomic designs and quick-change blade option.

Hot Wire Cutter

Hot wire cutter is a creative cutting tool that can be used to cut and shape any non-laminated foam board substrate quickly and conveniently. Cutting out straight edges or mitered edges is extremely easy with the help of this unique hot wire foam board cutting machine.

If you are looking for foam boards and foam board cutting tools, is a great place that offers a rich variety of these items at affordable prices.