Foam Board Cutting Tools and Practices

Widely used for craft and presentation projects, foam board is known for its rigidity and strength that helps sustain and aid quality projects. Foam boards are certainly stronger than other types of presentation and craft materials, yet, they can be difficult to work with. The difficulty is posed by the hardness of the outer layers and the foam that is present in the middle. Therefore, you need to be careful while setting out to slit through foam board pieces. Improper cutting can result in rough edges that could make your project look shabby.

While you focus on delivering your work of art, here are some of the practices that you can follow in order to make sure your project comes out neat!

Foamboard Tool

How to make straight-line cuts

It is best to use a utility knife and ruler to cut straight lines through a foam board. However, you must ensure that the blade of the knife is sharp enough. You might need to replace the blade from time to time if you have multiple pieces of foam board to be cut. Place a metal-edged ruler matching the length to be cut on the foam board. Hold the ruler with a strong grip so that it doesn’t move while you are making the cut as that could lead to uneven cuts. Also, make sure that you hold the utility knife at a 45-degree angle from the foam board. Remember, if you hold the knife straight, the cut turns out to be raggede. You will also need to apply the pressure evenly while cutting across the foam board in a single continuous line. Taking abrupt halts while cutting would also result in rough edges on the board.

Foamboard Cutting Tool

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How to make fine detailed cuts

For those working on a more complicated design or a bigger project, it is wise to utilize special tools made especially to cut foam boards. Such tools are particularly developed for making detailed cuts and prove quite useful for teachers, architects, and sales persons who need to use foam boards often for their work related projects. For instance, circles in foam boards can easily be cut using a circle cutter. Similarly, curves on a foam board can be cut using a free-style cutter, which has a thinner blade than a utility knife. Alternately, a good way to cut intricate designs is using standard wood-working tools with a fine-toothed blade. 

A good way to make neat geometric-shape cuts 

Developing geometric designs with from foam boards, such as letters and shapes, seems a bit tough but can be done by employing a die-cutting tool. Such tools are available in a variety of sizes that are suited for specific needs. A typical die-cutting tool will create consistent geometrical designs by using the same die for each piece.
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