Application and Uses of Foamboards for Signs, Camera lighting

Foam board, the favorite substrate for many different uses, is great for various kinds of domestic as well as commercial projects. The material typically consists of three layers, an inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam that is layered with an outer facing of either a white clay coated paper or a cotton archival paper on each side. Here is how these durable foam boards can be used for making signs for advertisements, in lighting production tasks and for insulation purposes.


Advertizing boards

Foam boards are available in a variety of colors, a property that makes them usable for making signs, advertising boards for a garage sale or car wash or even a clearance sale at a major department store. What makes them a suitable fit for such uses is their surface. It is just appropriate for markers, glues, and pencils allowing you to create a sturdy looking sign with minimal additional cost. Sign companies can also design high-quality, professional signs with the help of foam boards which they can hang outside their stores. Using foam board helps the signs stand rough weathers and varying temperatures. They don’t fade away as quickly as other materials used for the same purpose.

Lighting for Production

Reflector foamboards

Large white pieces of foam boards are often used in filmmaking, video, and theatrical productions to help direct light on characters’ faces during certain shots and scenes. The technical term for this is bouncing light where foam board is often dubbed as a bounce. A reason why foam boards are preferred for this purpose is that these bounces are usually white. They can also have pieces of foil taped to them around the edges, directing higher or just a different intensity of light at the targeted objects or characters and giving the performance a unique appearance. Foam board is preferred also because bounces are relatively inexpensive to build by yourself and can be used on low budget shoots though they are used at all levels of production.

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