How to Use Foam Boards in your Applications

Foam board or foam core board is a strong and lightweight material that is easily cut and commonly used for various domestic as well as commercial purposes, such as for the mounting of prints and photographs and also as backing in picture frames.

Unique Structure and Properties


One of the reasons this material has so widely come into use is that it is easily formed into different shapes required for interior design and architectural models. It typically has sturdy layers, usually consisting of three parts: an inner layer of polystyrene foam that is sandwiched between two layers of bleached, semi-gloss, white clay coated paper. When used in high-end conservation framing, a further barrier of cotton rag boards or alpha-cellulose boards should be placed between the foam board and the original artwork. 

Choosing from Varieties and Sizes

Foam boards have now become a popular material that is commonly used as backing in picture framing, with archival-quality variants. The product, available at, is ideal for screen-printing, die cutting, mounting, framing, and prototypes and is available in various sizes for your subjective requirements. In addition, you can find all the basic foam boards, including FomeCor, Acid-Free foam board, self-adhesive foam board, and many other varieties. From this source, you can get any foam board of your choice, either with self-adhesive (pressure sensitive) or heat-activated coatings, which will make your task of mounting a cakewalk. 

Using Adhesives