Picking a Suitable Foam Board for Your Project

Foam board can be defined as a lightweight, easily cut material used for mounting photographs and also as the backing in picture frames. Foam board is versatile as it is suited for various commercial, non-commercial purpose, and art projects. So, what makes  foam board so versatile? Well, it is the mixture of its light weight, durability, and affordability. Due to its lightweight property, it is easy to cut, which  inevitably makes it a common preference for mounting your photographs. The most frequently asked question is, how will you figure out which foam board is best for your project? The following are few tips that will help you choose the right foam board for your project: 

Foamboard art


Project suitability


Foam board is made of three sturdy parts. The inner layer of polystyrene is sandwiched between two layers of semi-gloss, white clay coated paper. Foam board can easily be converted into any shape, which can be used for interior designing and architectural models. For high-end framing, another barrier of cotton rag board or a cellulose board is placed between the foam board and your artwork. 

                      Creativity with foamboards

Self-adhesive foam boards are extensively used for cold mounting photos and artwork, whereas pressure sensitive Gatorfoam is opted for when mounting exhibits and signboards. On the other hand, the most widely used foam board type, for mounting your memorable photos, is the Sintra PVC foam board. Therefore, the choice of foam board completely depends on the nature of your project and artwork. 

Choosing size and thickness


With time, foam boards have become popular amongst people, as it is considered the best backing material for pictures. It is also ideal for framing, die cutting, and is available in different sizes according to your requirements. The products can also be purchased according to their thickness. All kinds of foam boards are easily available online. 

                      Size and thickness of foamboard

Though foam boards are convenient to work with, few don’t support glues and paints. This is because solvents used in some paints and glues have the tendency to dissolve the foam center, causing its structure to breakdown. Broad variety, excellent customer feedback, after sale services, durability, reliability, and affordability have all made foam board the first choice when it comes to mounting projects and presentations.