The Know-how of Gatorfoam Foam Board

Gatorfoam foam board can be defined as a sturdy board with a resin impregnated surface. Gatorfoam foam boards are durable boards that incorporate both hard and smooth surfaces that are uniform and blemish free. Photo mounters, designers, artists, sign painters, engineers, and architects have all relied upon these boards for years. They are a creator’s delight. They are made of a light durable core of polystyrene foam and are ideal for various projects.


Gatorfoam is extensively used for presentations and for documents that require the extra strength to bear unforeseen conditions. The boards are available in black, white, and natural finish. However, Gatorfoam isn’t recommended for outdoor use.

Types of Gatorfoam Foam Board

types of gatorfoam

Plain Gatorfoam:

As they are essentially utilized for most applications, Gatorfoam is considered the most versatile type of foam boards present in the market. Gatorfoam foam boards are great when stability and durability are the prime requirements in your project, as the extra rigidity and dent resistance property of Gatorfoam foam board is packed into the same thickness as that of foam board.

Heat Activated Gatorfoam:

Heat activated Gatorfoam also makes mounting materials simple, by utilizing a heated roll laminator, vacuum presses and clamshell presses. Such boards come with a special adhesive that assures consistency and bonding for your mounting material. This quick procedure saves money and time during the mounting process by eliminating the tissue adhesive application.

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Self-adhesive Gatorfoam:

Self-adhesive Gatorfoam is the type of foam board that allows the mounting of items without hot mounting or lamination equipment. They come with pressure sensitive cold adhesive, so you just need to peel off the cover, stick your print, and press it down. Gatorfoam is known for its sturdiness and stability—all compiled in one board.
If you are looking for a board that is optimal in thickness and strength, then you should definitely opt for Gatorfoam foam board.

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