Make Your Craft Projects Exciting with Beautifully Cut-out Foam Boards

Foam boards are user-friendly and have multiple functions. They can be easily cut into any shape, making them the appropriate choice for all your craft projects. To make your craft project exquisite, there are a few things that are needed, such as foam board, a craft knife, pencils/markers, and an eraser.

Selecting a foam board

Depending on the type of craft you are planning to create, there are plenty of foam boards that will fit your requirement. Thick foam boards are recommended for use on walls, as they are sturdy, durable, and withstand more handling. Foam boards that are comparatively thinner are suitable if you are not transporting the item or if you are planning to mount a picture onto it as a frame. Frames are helpful in providing permanent protection to your crafts from all sides; hence, they are ideal to be used as painted pieces. Matte finish foam boards are ideal for painted pieces, to ensure that the paint is glued properly to the surface.

Cut the way you desire

Once you have purchased the foam board of your choice, cut it smoothly in the desired shape using a ruler and a sharp knife. Make sure that the knife isn’t blunt, or else the foam board will have irregular edges, taking away the smooth look of the final product.

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Painting foam boards

Try to only use water based paints on foam board. Don’t add an excess amount of water either, as the outer layer of the board will ruin. It's better to add a small amount of matte or gloss medium to thin the paint, because that will further help the previous layer to dry easily before applying the next one. 

Once you are done with your project, brighten up your home with it. You can also give it as a gift to someone special and bring a smile to their face. Foam board is a hard yet durable material that can be easily shipped and can also be used in a variety of applications.

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