Why Most People Prefer Black and White Foam Boards

Foam board is a simple but rigid backing material that is widely used in artwork. The material is made from extruded polystyrene, which is usually faced on either side with the help of plastic or more commonly with clay coated paper.

Foam Board

Foam boards are extensively used in assisting presentations. Because of its versatility, it can be easily cut into different shapes using a sharp knife. This is a major reason why architects prefer foam board for making prototype buildings and mini-models. In addition, foam poster board is also used to display notices in schools and colleges. Most importantly, they are readily available in the market in standard size sheets. The board is used in plenty of applications. Foam board is used for innumerable purposes, such as mounting prints, backing artwork, 3D sculptures, design, and framing. Foam boards are primarily of two kinds—White foam board and Black foam board. One sided color foamboard is also available.

Ideal for presentations and artwork

Despite the benefits of being lightweight and strong, they have also been proven to be a good fit for framing large posters and various other art projects. Also, it provides a sturdy structure to paper art, giving them a rigid appeal. Foam boards can be utilized as disposable bulletin boards too, as they can be easily pierced. These board can be cut into different shapes very conveniently. They can also be used for painting and writing using markers. Furthermore, you can even glue fabric onto its surface to add or remove enhancements to beautify your project or artwork.

Black colored foam board

Black Foam Board

Black foam boards are typically very strong, making them ideal for all kinds of craft projects and presentations. Readily available in available in a variety of sizes.  And aside from specific package counts they can be custom cut and ordered in different counts. They are available from Foamboardsource.com.  They can be easily ordered and then delivered to your doorstep. Due to the smooth surface they can easily be screen printed. Despite their strength, they can be cut easily and, therefore, are best suited for strong but lightweight project work.

 White foam board

White Foam Board

White foam boards are used by architects for making architectural models as well as displays.  They are also used widely in the display and, digital imaging industry, as well as the photography, framing and hobby and craft markets. They incorporate a resilient polystyrene core that pushes back soon after it is cut and mounted. White foam boards come with clay coated paper faces on either side, giving them a smooth finish. They are widely used in mounting applications, and one can use them with spray adhesives, wet glues and a self-adhesive lamination for cold mounting. 

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