Using Self-Adhesive Foam Board

When it comes to the wide variety of materials used for framing, mounting pictures, making projects, creating craftwork, etc., foam boards are the most preferred substrates that are used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. What are the various properties of foam board that make it a highly preferred material?
Foam board is a lightweight, yet it is one of the most durable materials used for crafts and projects. It is easy to cut into different shapes which makes it an ideal choice for mounting pictures as well as for backing material for framing. Foam board comes in wide variety and serves multiple purposes. The foam board substrate that is going to be discussed today is self-adhesive or pressure-sensitive foam board.

Self-adhesive foam board

A self-adhesive foam board is extensively used for mounting purposes, especially for posters. Foam boards and the adhesives on these boards aren’t meant to be used for archival purposes. Rather, they are made in a way that helps to serve a quick-fix requirement. Therefore, for permanent applications, many other techniques and approaches are used for mounting artwork and pictures, which include acid-free dry mount tissue into acid-free foam board. For most dent resistant mounting, Gatorfoam boards are preferred. 

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Self-adhesive foam boards are an ideal choice when it comes to cold mounting photographs. In fact, some variations of this foam board incorporate acid-free adhesives and are chemically inert. Typically supplied as one or two sided pressure sensitive board, this substrate is readily available in retail as well as online stores. One of the major reasons why this type of foam board is commonly used is that it is quite quick and easy to use and doesn’t require any exterior application or drying time. All you have to do is simply peel and stick to the surface. This is also the reason why it is recommended for mounting posters and photographs. It doesn’t require any messy spray or glue and cuts across with convenience just like any other foam board. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses ranging from 1/8 to 3/16 inches. 

Make a Foam Board Christmas Tree This Winter

As the holiday season is approaching, most of you have probably planned for a real Christmas tree. But at times, due to a busy schedule, a real tree is just not a possibility. Well, what about a fun white tree made of foam board this Christmas, rather than that typical old one? This perfect kid-sized tree will be an adorable addition to your household this season. 

What you will need:

You will need two white foam core pieces, tape, one sturdy piece of cardboard, a knife, a pencil, a marker, an eraser, a scale, a glue stick, and a few decorative items. 

How to make it:

Make the outline of the tree template on the foam core with the help of a pencil. Once you are done with it, cut through the foam core around the tree. Make sure to do this with both foam boards.

Here is a tip if you have never cut a foam core before: Make a single cut on the top sheet of the foam core and slice again, cutting through the foam part, and finally through the bottom sheet, if need be. Use a sharp knife or else you will end up having jagged edges. It’s best if the edges come out clean. If your edges are jagged, you can repeat the same steps by tracing around the tree cutout. If, even after multiple attempts, your final cutout has jagged edges, use sandpaper to even it out. 

Starting from the top, cut both the centers, until you reach the middle line. Cut across and remove the piece with the help of a ruler. Now you should have two pieces that look alike. Cut the second piece into two halves and attach one piece in the middle of the complete tree cutout. 

Now, gather a few sparkly bubbles and decorative items. Once you are finished with the assembling of the tree with the help of glue, get on to decorating it! Attach the bubbles with glue and add a bow on top of it. Add any other decorative things if you wish. The finished tree can be of any size depending on your initial cutout.

With this creative idea of making your Christmas tree at your home, you need not look anywhere else. Foam board will never fail to amaze you with the amount of uses that you can find for it.