Foam Boards Are a Quick Solution for Your DIY Presentation

Foam boards are an ideal solution for all your DIY projects. Foam board is user-friendly, so people of all ages can benefit from using foam board in their crafts. You can even write and draw on foam board with ease. If you have worked with foam boards before, then you already know what a fabulous material it is. While foam boards are extensively used in both commercial and non-commercial industries, there are a number of other things that can be done with it, too. 

Foam boards for DIY presentations

A foam board with one plain side and one adhesive side provides a clean and smooth base for mounting purpose. Secure your artwork, paperwork, or pictures by peeling back the adhesive layer and positioning your work in the center. Push down on it evenly to mount it. 

Diverse range of sizes

Foam boards come in varied sizes and materials. If you are unsure of what size or material you may need, visit for more information. They are the one-stop-shop for all kinds of foam boards and its substrates. has the largest supply of foam board products, and they are available at reasonable prices with plenty of variations. There are certain standard sizes available, but in case you have to use an odd size of foam core, you can easily crop it with a utility knife to fit the size you need. 

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Easy to use

When compared to other traditional materials used for framing and mounting, foam boards stand out from the rest. Using foam board is cheaper and more convenient too, as they are an easy to cut material. There is no need to spend extra money on adhesives, mats, frames, or other hardware. You can simply pin up an exquisite poster or a piece of artwork by mounting it too a self-adhesive board, and then hanging it on your wall. 

What to choose

While selecting a mounting material for your artwork, it is best to opt for quality foam board. Standard foam boards are about 3/16 of an inch thick. Foam boards incorporate some great properties, like resisting warping and ease of cutting. This is the reason why they have become the most sought after choice for artists, craftsmen, advertisers, etc.

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