Foam Boards – The Ideal Choice for Framing Art

Today, foam boards have found their way into the world of framing art. They are the best and the most inexpensive tools that can be used for the mounting of prints and photographs, in 3d designs, as backing in picture frames, and more. Foam is a lightweight material that can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife. They are easily cut into any shape that can be used for architectural designs, or any other use someone may have for them. Colored foam boards, Sintra PVCboards, Gatorfoam board, acid-free boards, flame resistant boards, JetMount foam boards, Rynoboard foam boards, Styrene-Faced foam boards, presentation boards, and acrylic boards each have their own unique characteristics that make them the right fit for particular projects depending on the needs and intended outcome.

Foam core boards are versatile, all-round graphic and display boards. They consist of resilient polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of semi-gloss white clay coated paper. They can be used for an array of applications like interior and exterior signage, store window displays, craft projects, etc. Acid-free foamboard is one of the most preferred choices in the world of art framing. They are also ideal for screen printing, die cutting, and more. If you are displaying foam boards, you will find many display options like pedestals, panel stands ¼’’ capacity (2-pack) and panel stands ½’’ capacity (2 pack). 

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There are a number of categories of foam boards that include pre-cut foam shapes, foil laminated foam boards, cake boards, reflective foam boards, Coroplasts, and dry erase boards, etc. that shape and modify the foam board to its maximum potential. 

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