The Wonders of Foam Board

Foam board is an adaptable material with an impressive sturdiness that makes it last for a long time. It is commonly used for mounting posters, prints, and photographs, and also as a backing material in picture frames. Foam board can be easily cut with the right tools and formed into many shapes. These shapes can be used for interior design, artwork, craftwork, projects, and architectural models. It consists of three layers: the innermost layer is made up of polystyrene, cladded with the outer facing on each side of either white clay coated paper or brown Kraft paper. 


Other foam board materials have a cladding of styrene as well as a rigid plastic coating. This type of foam board is useful where rigidity comes into play. Clay coated foam boards do not accept certain types of glues that aren't suitable for bonding purpose. Solvents used in some paints, as well as some glues, can dissolve the foam center that can further cause weakness and breakdown of the structural integrity of the foam board.  Please test your adhesive prior to starting your project.

In addition to solvents, water based glues wrap the fiber of the outer layer upon drying, causing warping. So, adhering the layer to the opposite side can minimize this issue. To obtain the best results, use double-sided adhesive sheets or pre-coated self-adhesive foamboards if you wish to dry mount your posters, prints, or photographs.