Why Foam board is an Ideal Solution for Your DIY Projects?

Foam board is one of the most desirable materials for all kinds of DIY projects, simply because it has a versatile nature, is lightweight, and is easy to use. You can even write on this substrate. If you have worked with foam board before, then you are probably aware of how valuable the material is. While foam board is being used in a number of commercial industries, it also features many favorable properties that make it a preferred choice for do-it-yourself presentations.

Here are the top three reasons why foam board is considered an ideal solution for all your DIY projects:  

Diverse range of sizes - Foam boards are available in a diverse range of sizes that help you choose the one that’s perfect for your project. Moreover, this substrate is very easy to cut and resize. So, if you have a large foam board and your project demands several small sized pieced, then you can very easily cut the material by using the right cutting tools to get the desired shape and size. 

Easy-to-use - When compared to other traditional materials used for framing, mounting, and creating DIY presentations, foam boards stand out from the rest. Using foam board is cheaper and more convenient, as they are very easy to use. There is no need to spend extra money on adhesives, mats, frames, or other hardware. You can simply pin up an exquisite poster or a piece of artwork by mounting it too a self-adhesive board and then hanging it on your wall. 

Self-adhesive foam board - Some types of foam board come with self-adhesive properties that make mounting very easy. When using this type of foam board, you do not need to use any kind of extra glues, because the material has self-adhesive properties. You just need to peel and stick the pictures. It is very easy and convenient. 

So, whenever you need to make DIY presentations for educational or professional use, opt for foam board.  It is relatively cheaper compared to other materials, allowing you to use the material stress-free, without worrying about cost. Find the perfect foam board for your project at foamboardsource.com.

What Makes Foam Board the Preferred Choice of Marketing Professionals?

Foam board, also known as foam core, is extensively used for business marketing, creating art and craft projects, mounting pictures, and many other projects. Foam board is a flexible and versatile product for almost any project you want to complete. The usage and functionality of this material largely depends on how you want to use it. It can range from creativity in a hobby to college presentations to business advertisements.

But, why is foam board the preferred choice among business people? Here are some of the foam board properties that make it a unique and sought after material:


Foam board is an extremely lightweight and easy to cut material, which makes it the preferred choice among business professionals. You do not need to be an expert to cut out different shapes and make designs. Even very large foam boards are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy for even a small child to carry.

Size and thickness 

Foam boards are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Depending on the use and application, you can choose the thickness of the material. The thicker the board, the more stable it will be when standing. So, the foam boards used for advertising, projects, or science fairs should be thick in nature.

Soft yet sturdy 

A good feature of foam boards is that the surface can be pierced through with pushpins and thumbtacks. This usability makes foam boards a great choice for bulletin boards, which also proves to be less expensive when compared to the cost of other common substrates. Moreover, the material is available at reasonable prices so it won’t break the bank when you need to replace it.  


When used properly and protected from the elements, such as liquid, heat, and sharp objects, foam boards can last quite a long time. However, foam board is a lightweight material, so applying too much pressure can result in holes in the board. 

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Clean professional look

The straight edges, even after cutting, give the material a sophisticated and professional look. They offer rigid yet lightweight coats for presentation statistics, charts, and graphs, which is why they are perfect for professional use.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, reliable, and durable material for creating presentations or advertising your business, foam board should be your ultimate choice. Visit foamboardsource.com for the largest selection of foam boards.

Essential Foam Board Tools to Have in Your Craft Box

Foam boards are lightweight, durable, and one of the most versatile materials available these days. They come in numerous variations and are useful for a wide range of applications. Foam boards can be used for anything and everything; the usage and application is virtually boundless. However, getting a clean, straight edge when cutting a foam board is tough—unless you have the right tools.  

Whether you are using foam board to make craft projects, or collage art, or for business presentations, getting a neat and clean creation is a demand of every project. To cut foam boards cleanly and in perfect shapes, you should use the right cutting tools.

Foam board properties, such as the hardness of the outer edges and layers, makes cutting the material a challenging task. The best way to cut and reshape the material is to use tools specifically for made for this, otherwise you may end up with jagged edges. For this reason, experts recommend having these below mentioned foam board tools in your craft box.

Hot Wire Cutter

This tool can be used to cut and shape any non-laminated foam board substrate easily and quickly. Getting straight edges or mitered edges is easy with this foam board tool. A hot wire cutter is simple to use and offers an adjustable cutting edge, adjustable heater control, and also provides additional roles of wire, etc. 

Olfa Knife-

Its ultra slim design makes it a popular foam board cutting tool for professional graphic artists and sign-making experts. This popular and heavy-duty cutter features a contoured ABS handle, side lock, snap-art blade, and pocket clip/blade snapper.

Perimeter Trim System-

This easy-to-use perimeter trim system gives you the ability to quickly install a decorative edge protection to mounted pictures and signs. For all your DIY foam board projects, this tool is essential. 

V-Groove Cutter-

If your project demands 90 degree corners, then this cutter is perfect for creating boxes and also lets you get clean, straight corners. This easy-to-use foam board cutting tool features quick change blade clips, a magnetic blade slot, adjustable blade depth, an on-board blade storage drawer, and five blades.

Having these essential foam board tools will help you get a clean and flawless project. Moreover, these cutting tools are very easy to use and you do not need to be a tech expert to use them. However, you need to be a little careful, and an adult should assist any children when dealing with DIY foam board projects and cutting tools.

How to Use Gatorfoam® Foam Board for Your Work of Art - A Step-by-Step Guide

Gatorfoam® foam board, also known as gator board, is a sturdy material that offers durability, ease of use, and reliability. Gatorfoam® foam boards are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses at foamboardsource.com. Being lightweight, sturdy in nature, and easy to transport, Gatorfoam® foam board is one of the most desirable materials when it comes to art and craft projects. This board can be used in a variety of applications and is an effective surface for painting.

One important feature that makes Gatorfoam® the most searched-for material for craft projects is that it is easy to cut and use. This substrate can be easily glued, allowing you to use the board almost any way you want to. Moreover, if your craft projects demand writing, drawing, or painting, then Gatorfoam® is the right choice. Writing, drawing, or painting on this substrate doesn’t require much effort. Yet, another feature that makes foam board the topmost choice for art and craft projects is its reasonable price.

To get through your creative projects using foam board, you will need to collect a few things beforehand, including Gatorfoam® foam board, a straight edge, an Olfa utility knife with a snap off blade, gesso, and a pencil. By following the below mentioned step-by-step guide, you can make perfect art and craft projects using foam board.

1)  Based on the type of project, you should choose a specific Gatorfoam® foam board. If you plan to transport the project, then choose a thicker foam board. And, if you want to put the artwork in a frame, then a thinner board should be your choice.

2)  Once you have purchased the right Gatorfoam® for your art project, the next step is to cut the substrate into the desired shape or size. Always remember to use right cutting tools, such as an Olfa Knife to get the desired shape. Also, make sure the blade is sharp and not dull.

3)  Prime the foam board with a neutral base material like gesso. Ensure that the gesso you apply is suited for the type of paint you plan to use. For example, use soy gesso if you plan to use acrylic paints on the foam board. Once the gesso has dried completely, draw an outline of your design on the foam board with pencil.

4)  The final step is to apply the paint in the pencil lines. The paint should be applied very carefully. Do not add a lot of water to the paint, as it can wet the foam board’s outer layer, which will not give an elegant look to your artwork.

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Once it is dry, your art project is ready for display. Use it to decorate your living area or your own room or simply gift the painting to your family or friends.