Foam board - The Perfect Material for Indoor & Outdoor Use

The notable benefits of foam board are well known among all of us. Owing to its constructive properties and uses, this material has completely become a part of our everyday life, both at home and in our career. Foam boards have evolved quite a bit over the years. Featuring properties, such as versatility, lightweight yet strong in nature, easy to cut, and great for both indoor and outdoor uses, the substrate has several uses. These include mounting pictures, packaging, display boards, etc. Also, to meet the growing demands of people, many different types of foam boards are available in the market. You can see all the different types at    

Let’s take a look at two of the most commonly used foam boards. One is great for outdoor use, while the other is an artist’s pick, as it is the perfect fit for conservation framing.

Sintra PVC - Sintra PVC board is lightweight yet strong in nature. The material is entirely made of expanded PVC and is commonly available in a number of thicknesses, including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm. This substrate is highly durable, resistant to dents, moderately heavy and is great for outdoor use. Though the material comes in multiple colors, graphic producers usually prefer to keep white and black in stock. This durable PVC sheet can stand up to heat and moisture, making it a suitable choice for most outside uses. The board comes with a self-adhesive peel and stick film for mounting. Basically, you just need to do peel off the release liner and mount. This product is also available without pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) coating. 

Acid-free foam board - Acid-free foam board is a standard foam board type that makes a great choice for conservation framing. This substrate provides an acid-free barrier between a mounting board and artwork. For professional photographers, artists, and craftspeople who are concerned about preserving their artwork, acid-free foam board is the perfect choice. The material is strong in nature yet lightweight and provides the best protection for your precious projects. The surface of the board is completely acid-free and buffered to maintain its neutral pH level. The core of the material is also chemically inert. 

So, depending upon the purpose and project suitability, you can choose the material type. At we offer a range of quality foam boards and its substrates at highly affordable prices.

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