Must-Have Foam Board Cutting Tools for a Neat & Flawless Project

Owing to numerous favorable properties, such as versatility, durability, and also being lightweight, foam boards are widely used for craft and presentation projects. Though foam board is relatively easy to use and is preferred over other materials, being soft and light in weight makes the material difficult to work with sometimes. Foam board has hard outer edges and layers, making cutting the material a challenging task. The best way to cut and shape the material is to make use of the right cutting tools, such as an Olfa Knife; otherwise you may end up with jagged edges.  

Whether you are using foam board to make craft projects, collage art, or for business presentations, getting a neat and clean creation is a demand for every project. Here are a few must-have foam board cutting tools that help make the project come out neat and flawless:  

Olfa Knives - Olfa knives are one of the foam board cutting tools that let you cut the material with perfection. Its ultra slim design makes it a prevalent foam board cutting tool for professional graphic artists and sign-making experts. This popular and heavy-duty cutter features a contoured ABS handle, side lock, snap-art blade, and pocket clip/blade snapper.

Perimeter Trim System - This easy-to-use perimeter trim system gives you the ability to quickly install a decorative edge protection to mounted pictures and signs. For all your DIY foam board projects, this tool is essential.

V-Groove Cutter - If your project demands 90-degree corners, then this cutter is perfect. It is great for creating boxes and lets you get clean, straight corners. This easy-to-use foam board cutting tool features quick change blade clips, a magnetic blade slot, adjustable blade depth, an on-board blade storage drawer, and five blades. 

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Foamwerks Foam board Free Style Cutter - This tool helps cut the foam board easily and precisely. It is perfect for 3-D models, framing, signs, home d├ęcor, and craft projects. Also, this tool is not favorable for hard foam board, such as Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC, etc. 

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