4 Properties that Make Foam Board an Ideal Choice for Marketing Professionals

Owing to its favorable properties and uses, foam board is considered one of the most preferred materials for both commercial and non-commercial uses. This perfect backing material, also known as foam core, is widely used for framing artwork, mounting pictures, and much more. This substrate features high-durability, versatility, and is very convenient to work with, making it a popular choice for marketing professionals. Moreover, the material is largely available in different types, sizes, and thicknesses at foamboardsource.com.   

Here are four properties that make foam board an ideal choice for marketing professionals: 

Lightweight – Foam board is an extremely lightweight and easy-to-cut material which makes it the preferred choice for advertising and marketing purposes. You do not need to be an expert to cut out different shapes from foam board and make cool designs. Using the right cutting tools, you can cut the board the way you want to. Even very large foam boards are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy for even a small child to carry. 
Sizes and thicknesses - Foam board is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Depending on the use and application, you can choose the thickness of the material. The thicker the board, the more stable it will be when standing. So, the foamboards used for marketing purposes should be thick in nature. 

Soft yet sturdy - A good feature of foam board is that the surface can be pierced through with pushpins and thumbtacks. Though soft, the material is sturdy in nature which makes it a preferable choice for advertising projects. This usability makes foam board a great choice for bulletin boards, which also proves to be less expensive when compared to the cost of other common substrates. 

Durability - When used properly and protected from the elements, such as liquid, heat, and sharp objects, foam boards can last quite a long time. Some of the material is flame-resistant and acid-free. However, foam board is a lightweight material and applying too much pressure can result in holes in the board. 

Foam board features a number of favorable properties that make the substrate the most popular choice for marketing purposes, framing artwork, mounting pictures, and much more. 

Foamboardsource.com offers a wide variety of the finest quality foam board and its substrates at competitive prices, helping you pick the best material for your project.

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