Attributes That Make Foam Board a Preferred Choice

The favorable properties such as light weight, versatility, durability, etc. have made foam board a preferred choice for both commercial and non-commercial applications. It is a great substrate for creating the finest projects of arts and crafts. The material properties that are easy to cut and shape make it an ideal choice of craftsmen. A wide range of premium quality foam board is available at  

Nowadays, this material is topmost choice for DIY projects, college and business presentations, arts and crafts projects, and more. Here are a few attributes that make foam board a preferred choice: 


Light weight- The material is sturdy in nature and at the same time extremely light weight. Even very large foam board is surprisingly light in weight, which lets you transport the material from one place to another with ease. Moreover, the substrate is very easy to cut and shape. With the help of the right cutting tools, you can cut the material the way you want and make designs as per your project requirement. 

Size and thickness- A major advantage of using foam board is that the material is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Based on your project type, you can choose the thickness and size of the material you need. The simple rule is the thicker the board, the more stable it will be when standing. This is the reason thicker material is preferred for advertising projects, exhibitions, etc. And, if you have a large board, but your project demands several pieces, you can cut the material into the desired shape using the right cutting tools. 

Durable- The substrate features high durability. When used carefully and protected from the elements, such as liquid, heat and sharp objects, it can last quite a long time. So, it makes a perfect choice for arts and crafts projects, exhibits and displays. 

Inexpensively priced- It is one of the most affordable backing material available these days. This is the reason the material is largely preferred over others for arts and crafts projects, packaging, and other purposes. 


At, we provide excellent quality foam board and its substrates at competitive prices.  If you are looking for quality material for creating business presentations, arts and crafts projects, school or college projects, we are your one-stop solution for all kinds of foam board requirements.