Foam Boards for Craft Projects- Components, Usage and Applications

The desirable properties such as versatility, lightweight, durability, etc. make foam boards a popular material for a wide array of applications. The material is not only popular for extensive use in commercial purposes, but also for domestic applications. The material can easily be formed into shapes and structures that are then used for design projects such as interior design and architectural models. Moreover, the substrate is increasingly gaining popularity for all kinds of do-it-yourself projects including arts and craft, business presentations, etc. 

Foam board


Commonly known as foam core, foam boards are made of a lightweight material which is easy to cut and is commonly used for purposes such as mounting of prints and photographs and as backing in picture frames. The structure of the substrate consists of three layers, an inner layer of polystyrene or polyurethane foam which is neatly placed between two layers of semi-gloss and bleached white clay coated paper. The material is very convenient to work with; and with the help of right cutting tools, you can easy create shapes and designs the way you want. 

Usage and Applications

With foamboards, craft projects become easy and exciting. The substrate supports all kinds of crafting materials, adhesives and glues. For making display boards in colleges and schools, and posters, it is a preferred material. Likewise, self-adhesive foam boards are ideal for craft-related projects. Usually, the substrate has a smooth, clean, and bright surface which renders the craft project a clean and crisp appeal.

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Clicking pictures and mounting them as decorative pieces in homes or offices is not an easy task. Finding a backing material that offers properties such as flexibility, versatility, light-weight and durability is important. Fortunately, foam board is a material that offers it all. Its versatile and structural properties make it an ideal choice for use in developing backdrops for photo shoots and studio equipment for adjusting and controlling photography lighting.

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