How to Use Gatorfoam Board for Your Arts and Craft Projects

Creative cravings? Are you searching for the perfect material to create amazing craft projects? Have you heard about Gatorfoam board? Gatorfoam is one of the most preferred material for arts and craft projects. It is a sturdy material featuring a number of desirable properties including durability, ease of use, reliability, etc. making it an ideal choice for your works of art.  


Owing to the increasing demand for the material, offers Gatorfoam board in a variety of sizes and thickness. The favorable properties such as light weight, sturdiness, ease of transport, etc. have made the substrate the foremost choice for craft projects. It is extremely easy to cut and shape, making it an excellent material for a variety of applications including photo mounting, exhibits, arts projects, and more.

So, if you are considering Gatorfoam board, here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the material for your works of art: 

  • Depending on your project type, choose a specific Gatorfoam board. The material is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes; if you plan to transport the project, get a thicker board and if you want to put the artwork in a frame, a thinner board should be your choice
  • After choosing the right material for your art project, the next step is to cut the board into desired shape or size. Always remember to use the right cutting tools as this will help you get a neat finish.
  • Prime the foam board with a neutral base material like gesso. Ensure that the gesso you are using is well-suited to the paint you will be applying. When the gesso dries completely, draw an outline of your design on the board with a pencil.

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  •  The final step is to apply the paint within the pencil lines. The paint should be applied very carefully. Do not add a lot of water as it can wet the foam board’s outer layer, which may cause the face liner to de-laminate.

Heeding to the above-mentioned steps will help you create an amazingly beautiful work of art that you can use to adorn your living area or bedroom. However, make sure to get quality Gatorfoam for your project; only then you will get a neat, elegant finish. offers a wide variety of premium quality foam board and its substrates at reasonable prices. Get quality foam board today and explore your creativity!

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