Why PVC Foam Boards Are the Ultimate Choice for Your DIY Presentations

Owing to its favorable properties and easy availability, foam boards are widely used for a number of purposes, both in the commercial and non-commercial sectors. Moreover, the material is available in a variety of types, thicknesses and sizes due to its increasing popularity and usage. One of the common types of foam board--PVC foam board is increasingly gaining popularity among people due to its wide array of desirable properties including sturdiness, versatility, light weight and ease of use.  


PVC foam board is widely used for a number of applications such as making business presentations, craft projects, photo mounting, etc. The material is preferred over others because it exhibits some extremely robust qualities that make it sturdy and long-lasting. Its sheer resistance to moisture, weathering, impact, heat, and flame resistance make the board suitable for use in all kinds of projects.

The material is quite extensively used in advertising as well as for all kinds of display stands. Specifically used for ceiling, shopping malls and hotels, PVC foam boards extend their utility in architectural decoration as well. Here are the two most commonly used PVC foam board that make an ultimate choice for your DIY presentations:

Pressure Sensitive Sintra PVC board: The self-adhesive coated Sintra PVC foam is an extremely durable PVC sheet and makes an excellent substrate for photo mounting and displays. More importantly, the material is available in a variety of thicknesses such as 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm, which makes it a perfect fit for DIY presentations. Also, it is available as 1-sided and 2-sided self-adhesive sintra PVC, so based on your project needs, you can choose accordingly.  

To meet the growing needs of different people, Sintra PVC is now available with pressure sensitive coating, i.e., a self-adhesive nature. The material is slightly heavier than Gatorboard and can bend slightly. Its favorable properties such as durability, moderately heavy, resistant to dents, etc. makes it great for outdoor use. It is excellent for photo mounting and extremely easy to use. The user just need to peel off the release liner and mount.

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Sintra PVC Foam Board- Featuring properties such as durability, versatility, sturdiness and ease of use, Sintra PVC foam is extensively used for a number of projects such as photo mounting, display construction and a number of other purposes. The material is also excellent for outdoor use such as manufacturing of signs and displays that are used in promotional ads.

So, if you are looking for a perfect material to create a remarkable business presentation, PVC foam board is the ultimate choice. And, you can buy quality foam boards from http://www.foamboardsource.com/. We are a leading provider of premium quality foam boards and its substrates at highly competitive prices.

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