Craft Ideas for Kids- Learn How to Create a Cute Dog Using Foam Board

The foam dog is an easy kids’ craft everyone will love to receive- children, parents, teachers and grandparents. An adult can cut the shapes so that the child is left with gluing and can have fun with this easy to make foam board project.  

Foamboard Ideas

Here’s a list of things you will need-  

  • ·         Colored foam sheets; specifically brown, beige, red, black and white
  • ·         Two wiggle eyes
  • ·         Glue
  • ·         Black marker
  • ·         Cutting tools
  • ·         Mini pomp oms for freckles
  • ·         Soft felt for a pink tongue
  • ·         String to display the finished project
All types of quality foam board and its substrates are available at Also, we provide a wide range of foam board cutting tools to help you cut shapes the way you want. 

The following is the step-by-step guide on how to create this cute foam dog-

  • To begin with, draw your foam dog. For this, draw a large circle on a brown foam board sheet to make dog’s body. Next, make a large heart on beige sheet for the dog’s face. In the same way, create two ears using white foam sheet, two paws with black foam board sheet, then the nose and tongue. 
  • Once you finish with the drawing, the next step is to cut out the shapes. Using a sharp knife is the best way to cut the foam board. However, when cutting the foam board, do remember to cut carefully so as to get a neat finish.
  •  Now, turn the large beige heart upside down and position it in a way that the point of the heart is the top of your dog’s head. You will glue the circle nose, wiggle eyes, and dog’s ear on the head. 
  • Using a black marker, draw a straight line from the circle nose straight down toward the bottom where the mouth will be. 
  • Ensuring the tongue sticks out enough to be seen, glue it to the backside of head. 
  • Next, glue the red heart to the dog’s body and dog’s head to round the body carefully.
  • Now, carefully align two paws over the red heart.
  • Your dog is ready and you can glue a string in a loop to the back of the dog’s head. 

This entire project can also be done with white foamboard and colored with crayons or water colors.  Be careful not to over saturate the foamboard if you are using water colors.

So, we can say that creating crafts using foam board is really simple and inexpensive and creates hours of fun for kids. Get some quality foam board from and explore your creative side.

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