Make an Attractive Key Holder Using Foam Board

Today, foamboard has made its way into an extensive number of DIY projects. These durable and flexible boards are certainly affordable and can be used for making photo frames, mounting prints and photographs, and much more. Foamboard is also known as foamcore. It is light in weight and can be cut into any shape using the right cutting tools. These boards are classified into an extensive range, including colored foam boards, Gatorfoam board, SintraPVCboards, acid-free boards, JetMount, flame resistant board, Rynoboard, Styrene-faced, presentation boards, and acrylic boards. All these cores have their unique features, which make them suitable for particular applications depending upon the requirements and intended outcome.

You can make an attractive key holder using gatorfoam to fix on the wall of your house. In this way, you can keep all your keys in one place, and there will be no chance of losing even one. You can make the key holder in any size, depending on the number of keys you own. It is very easy to make this application, and it will not consume a lot of your time. You will require certain things, like pencil, glue, right cutting tool, foam board, etc., so use your creativity and innovation to design a masterpiece.