Buy Customized Acid-Free Foam board for your Work Requirements

Acid-free foamboard is the perfect solution for professional framers, photographers, artists, and craftsman who are apprehensive about preserving their work. The surface is absolutely acid-free and shielded to maintain a neutral pH level. The core of the material is also chemically inert.

You can use this board to make an ample number of things like photo frame, mounting photos for an exhibition, and much more. This material has various exceptional properties, which makes it the perfect option for varied applications. It is light in weight, strong, durable, and moisture resistance. Use a bright white acid-free foamboard to significantly enhance the colors of your artwork. 


Usually, foamboards are known for their flexible and durable nature and, thus, they can be used to mount different kinds of photographs and posters. They are of various types, each having its unique characteristics. Colored foamboards, Sintra boards, Gatorfoam, flame resistant boards, jetmount foamboards, and presentation boards are some of them. Foamboards, which are heat and water resistant, can be used for outdoor purposes. They can be the best fit for outdoor advertising.

Acid-free foamboard is an adaptable material available in different sizes. You can use it for both commercial and residential purposes. It can easily support all types of crafting materials and projects. It has a smooth, clean and bright surface, which is the pre-requisite for any craft project. Acid free materials are ideal to display important news, for photo framing and more. 

A great source for acid free foamboard is  Foamboardsource also provides various creative accessories for use with these boards such as hanging coils, foam hangers, panel connectors, panel connector discs, dual grip hinges, standard edge trim, double wing easels, perimeter trim machine and lineals, double-sided foam tape, Velcro tape, and coins. You can even get other types of materials from a single store. 

You can purchase the desired accessories according to your needs. You can also get the right cutting machines and creative tools like knives, Fletcher-Terry wall and table cutters, logan, foamwork cutting tools. This equipment is necessary to give a desired shape to the foam boards. 

Cutting the different types of foamboard can be tricky.  Any attempt to do so with an improper tool can end up with jagged edges. Thus, it is imperative to have quality and the right foamboard cutting tools as accessories in your craft box. 

The use of acid-free foamboards is practically unlimited, but the clean edges that you want when cutting this material is a challenging task. Whether you are making a college or corporate project or an artwork, the use proper tool and accessories is vital to cut the boards in perfect shapes.

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