Use Foamboard to make a Popcorn Box Costume for your Child’s Fancy Dress Competition

All schools host different functions once in a while to amuse the children, instill leadership qualities, and build confidence. A fancy dress competition is one that adds excitement for the kids. This is a great time for parents and children to show their creativity and for judges to test their imagination skills.

If you are looking for an affordable and unique costume for your bundle of joy’s function, then use foamboard to make a popcorn box costume. It is certainly an out-of-the-box idea, which will surprise every one.


Foamboard is made by layering styrofoam between paper or plastic to create a lightweight, sturdy material, which can be used for numerous applications. It is also known as foamcore and is available in diverse colors, thicknesses, and strengths. Buy foamboard to make a popcorn box constume. 

You will need red duct tape, pasting material, a scale, pencil, foamcore, etc. to make the costume. It is easy to make the dress, and it will not take a lot of time. Make the size of the costume according to the proportions of your child. Make sure that he or she is comfortable in wearing it. You can paste cotton on the top of the costume to give a popcorn look. In case you face any difficulty in designing the outfit, browse the Internet to know the complete instructions on how to make a popcorn box dress. 

This is a new and creative way to prepare your kid for a fancy dress competition. There are several other potential applications for the board. It is ideally suited to making signs and displays as it comes in large sheets and can be painted or decorated. In sign format, foamcore can be hung in a window or attached to a wall. It can also be used to make bulletin boards for the classroom and workplaces to update people about an upcoming event or other important information.

Foamboards can be used as a base layer for sculpture projects. It is also used by artists to build architectural models and for mounting secondary prints. Those who run an advertisement company can use foamboard to mount posters. You can make attractive photo frames of any size and shape with it. 

Foamboard has several exceptional features that make it a preferred choice for countless application. It is sturdier than a sheet of paper or cardboard. Still, it can bend or warp and, thus, can be used as a backing for valued artwork. Working with this material does require some skill. The right cutting tools should be used against the surface to ensure clean, even cuts. They are availabe in different thicknesses, so buy the right one that can cover your requirements.

Many people have made decorative items with foamboard to enhance the grace of their home. You can also make the best use of this affordable material to accomplish your particular application. 

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