Use White Foam Board to Add Light to your Images

A professional photographer is always vigilant about his work. He has to use his creativity, intelligence, and skills to produce a masterpiece. There is no room for laxity in displaying pictures or videos as a mere mistake can spoil the entire work. He knows how much light and other effects are needed for that perfect shot.

The experts know how a little bounced light can make any ordinary image look much more appealing and eye pleasing to the viewers. In the world of photography, bouncing can be defined as placing a reflective object in the path of a light source to push some of that light back onto the subject. This is done to minimize shadows/darkness, create a brighter surrounding, and to bring out the utmost quality of the subject. 

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If you are a startup company and do not have the budget to buy expensive professional-grade DSLR cameras to give an excellent bouncing effect, then buy a surpassing white foamboard to enhance the grace of the subject. White foamboards give excellent effects and make a huge difference to the complete photography process. Thus, it is a great addition to the whole photo session rather than the harsh camera flash. offers you quality white foamboards. Choose any size and thickness according to your requirements. A smaller sheet is best for a close up shot and you can easily maneuver around the subject, whereas larger boards are needed for larger subjects to produce best results. So, place the inexpensive white foamboard in different places around your subject to experience the difference.  Another way the professionals bounce light is to use a 1” thick one side silver reflective board.

Apart from white foamboards, this material is available in other types as well. It can be used for various applications like mounting a photo frame, creating a notice board, decoration purposes, etc. Below is a brief description of some of the boards:

Gatorfoam Board- This is a composite sandwich made of extruded polystyrene foamboard bonded between two wood-fiber veneer sheets. It is considerably harder than the regular foamboard and can minimize scratches and dents. It comes in different thicknesses and colors. They are white, natural (a light brown color), and black. It is heavier than foam core, but lighter than SintraPVC board. It cannot be damaged easily and, thus, can be used for hanging directly on the wall with special hangers and a protective lamination. Gatorfoam boards are great for digital and screen printing as well as vinyl graphics.

Sintra PVC Board- This is light weight but rigid and is made of closed-cell PVC foamboard. It is also available in multiple colors and thicknesses. It can tolerate heat and moisture and is ideal for outdoor usage. It can also be used for mounting purposes for graphics and prints.
Thus, these are the kinds of foamboard. Use any of them according to the requirements of your work.

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