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The main advantages of foamboard are well known to everyone. Owing to its productive properties and uses, this effective material has been used in homes, school, offices, and universities for diverse applications. Featuring properties like versatility, light weight, durability, and easy ability to cut, it can be used for mounting pictures, packaging, and display boards. Also, to accomplish the rising demands of craftspeople, several different types of foamboard are available in the market: White & Black, One-sided Colored Foamboard, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, Acrylic, Acid-Free Foamboard, Flame Resistant, and JetMount are a few examples. Check out the diverse types of foamboard at Foamboard source.    

If you are looking for foamboard for mounting, exhibits, and presentation purposes, then Gatorfoam is the right choice. It is great for digital and screen-printing as well. It is a three-layered board, the middle one is extruded polystyrene sandwiched between two layers of Luxcell wood-fiber veneer. Gatorfoam is lightweight, versatile, reliable, and a perfect choice for both commercial and non-commercial applications. It is available in black, white, and a natural finish. It is an excellent material to explore your creativity and come up with innovative ideas. Below are the different types of Gatorfoam foamboard used for numerous applications:
•    Self-adhesive Gatorfoam- This material is known for its sturdiness, constancy and versatility. It does not need a hot mounting or lamination tool to mount pictures or paintings. It has a pressure sensitive cold adhesive; just remove the cover and stick your print on it. Press it down to stick the print properly. You can make several DIY mounting pictures and other craft projects with this type of Gatorfoam. 

•    Plain Gatorfoam- This type of Gatorfoam is known for its usage in major applications. It is the most versatile and flexible type of foamboard available on the market. If your application requires stability and durability, then this material is the right choice. It is very easy to work with this material and you can use it the way you want. 

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•    Heat-Activated Gatorfoam- It has a special adhesive, assuring steadiness and bonding for your mounting material. It can save time and money needed in the mounting process by removing any tissue adhesive application.

If you are looking for a quality foamboard that offers sturdiness, and versatility, then Gatorfoam is your ideal choice. Christmas is just a few days away. You can make an engaging Christmas tree using foamboard. Make several other decoration items with it to give a festive feel to your space. Make beautiful Christmas paintings and give them to your loved ones. This personalized gift will delight the receivers and will show your love for them. This is certainly an easy and affordable way to enhance the look of your space. Visit the website at www.foamboardsource.com to go through the myriad range of materials. Foamboardsource never compromises on the quality of its products. Rest assured, you will find excellent quality boards at affordable prices.

Use Foamboard to Make a Customized Ribbon Holder Box

Foamboard is a durable material that can be used for numerous applications, including mounting, decoration, and craft work. Also called as foamcore, it is available in a myriad of ranges, including white and black colored foamboard, one-sided colored, Sintra PVC, Gatorfoam, Presentation, Acrylic, Styrene faced, Acid-free, JetMount, Flame resistant, and Rynoboard. All these boards have unique characteristics and are used for particular applications.

It has been observed that nothing can be better than foamboard when it comes to exploring your creativity to decorate or make space-saving solutions at home. The material turns out to be the best option for making a customized ribbon box holder that allows you to keep all your ribbons in one place so that they are easy to access. This is indeed an inexpensive way of keeping things ordering and using space efficiently. You can make the box in any size. Also, you can use glitter and colored papers to augment its grace.

Foamboard has several characteristics that include its light weight and durability. Thus, people prefer to use it for numerous applications. You can get unsurpassing quality boards at http://www.foamboardsource.com/ at cost-effective prices. We provide boards in diverse colors, thickness, and strengths. Get the best one according to your work necessities. 


Make a customized ribbon holder depending on your requirements for it. Divide the shelf into different columns to keep all your ribbons neat and tidy. The dimensions of the holder should be made in such a way that it can hold ribbons of all sizes properly. Keep your stationery, glue, scale, pencil, chart, etc. beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Making a ribbon box holder using foamboard is a new and innovative method that will not hurt your pocketbook at all.

School, offices, universities, and colleges use this effective material to make bulletin boards. Advertisement firms use foamboard for mounting purposes. They make posters and paste them on the board to promote various goods and services of a business. You can make decorative items with it as well. For example, you can make your favorite cartoon character out of this core and hang it on a window or a wall of your house.

Artists use foamcore to make engaging architectural models. These boards are also used in exhibitions to display beautiful paintings. You can make different types of photo frames, such as hanging or symmetric ones. Hang the beautiful photo frames on your rooms’ wall to keep memories fresh forever.

Make the best use of foamboard for your particular application. While this material has a gamut of characteristics, it is always important to remember to use the right cutting tools to get clean, even cuts. At Foamboard Source we offer a wide range of premium quality foamboard and accessories to help you get a neat finish.

Decorate Your Home and Workplace Using Foamboard

Create a holiday vibe this season by embellishing your home and workplace with decorations. These hand-made  items are easily available on the market in different colors and patterns; but, they can make a huge hole in your pocket. However, you can use your creativity to give a unique look to your house this holiday season.

Manage all party arrangements in advance to make the celebration cheerful and bright. Keep your home ready for your loved ones and, of course, the most important holiday guest of all.

Decorating your home or office station using garlands, lights, balloons and buntings is an old idea, use a quality foamboard to make more diverse embellishments. Adding a personal touch can expand the joy. 


Foamboard is an affordable and excellent material that can be used to make multiple craft items.  Make an attractive tree of any size and style for your space. Use foamboard to make outdoor decorations and share your holiday cheer with other people. Create a warm and welcoming holiday ambiance with customized foamboard decorations.

From door decorations, artificial trees, to window embellishments, you have plenty of options to enhance the complete look of the space. You can make theme-based decorations like snowman decorations, snowflakes, or white, wooden or country decorations. Holiday it up with your own unique style.

Foamboard is the perfect material to use in making a myriad range of decorative items. It is robust, durable, flexible, light in weight, and can also be used as a bulletin board, for making photo frames, mounting paintings, etc. It is available in several types, such as one-sided colored, presentation, PVC, Rynoboard, white and black, acid-free, Gatorfoam, flame resistant, or self adhesive foam board. Each of these boards has unique characteristics, and thus are used in specific work applications.

The demand for foamboard has been growing tremendously because of its encompassing benefits. You can also use this effective material to make a playhouse for your child and his favorite cartoon character, which you can paste on the wall of his or her room. This is the easiest way to decorate your child’s room bringing an ear-to ear-smile on his face without hurting your pocketbook. Whether you are using foamboard to make decorations, a favorite cartoon character of your kid, or other craft work, involve your children as well. This will be a fun and learning activity for them.

Buy high-quality foamboard from Foamboard Source. Visit the website and go through the details of the diverse foamcore available. It is important to have a good knowledge about the different types of foamboards so that you can buy the right one covering your requirements. We offers the best quality products at cost-effective rates. 

Foamboard- A Versatile Material Providing Extensive Usage

In the world of business marketing, foamboard is a valuable and versatile material that can be used to accomplish diverse needs of individuals. It is a durable, flexible and lightweight sheet. People use it for backing artwork, sign making, mounting photographic and 3D designs, as well as other purposes. It is available in many colors, including white, black, grey, etc.

Foamboard is also known as foamcore, and you can use it for displaying announcements, posters, notice papers, and photo framing. This versatile material is an ideal option for craft projects and for supporting different categories of crafting materials. You can make different types of photo frames such as those that hang, wall frames, and other types with this board. It has a flat, clean and bright surface, and can deliver the required effectiveness to the craft projects. It is essential to use the right cutting tool to get even surfaces of the board. Foamcore comes in different types, such as colored foamboard, Sintra, acid-free board, JetMount foam board, Rynoboard, Styrene-faced, and presentation.

Get unparalleled quality foamboards at http://www.foamboardsource.com/. Here, you can get an extensive range of boards in different sizes, colors, and materials. All the products are available at cost-effective prices and are of surpassing quality. You can also make decorative items with it. Christmas is coming, and you can make an attractive Christmas tree with foamboard. Enhance the look and feel of your home space this Christmas by making various decorative items using this material. Its user-friendly known for its sturdy and lightweight nature. Below are the details of some of the boards, like:

1. Foamcore: This is a standard, versatile, and outstanding graphic and display board. It is ideal for die cutting, screen printing, mounting, and framing. This particular foamboard has hard extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of semi-gloss white clay coated paper.

2. Gatorboard: This is strong and durable, and less prone to denting as compared to the standard foamcore. It is available in diverse thickness so you can buy as per your application’s requirements. This new and bright white sheet is suitable for digital and screen printing. It has an exceptional reputation due to its strong performance.

3. PVC Board: PVC is often known as Sintra and is made completely out of thin plastic. You can get PVC in various thicknesses. It is heavier than Gatorboard and can be bent to some extent; but, it is not inclined to denting. Sintra PVC foamboard is a very sturdy PVC sheet that is highly recommended for use in display construction, photo mounting, etc.

So, purchase any kind of foamboard, depending on the requirements of your application at http://www.foamboardsource.com/. The site provides different kinds of boards on which to mount your graphics. Whether your display graphic will be used indoors or outdoors, or has to be put on a wall, you can get everything with foamboardsource. No matter what kind of foamboard you need, foamboardsource can accomplish your requirements.

Know the Diverse Uses of Foamboard

Advancement in technology has resulted in exceptional breakthroughs in almost every industry. One such area that has witnessed tremendous development is Foamboard. Today, it is available in an extensive range that includes one-sided colored board, PVC, Acid-free, flame resistant, JetMount, Rynoboard, Acrylic, Presentation, and Styrene-faced. Each of these boards have unique characteristics and applications; for instance, PVC foamboards are extensively used for outdoor signs and marketing.

Foamboard is a sturdy material that is light in weight and comes in extensive variations that can be used for different applications. You can get supreme quality core at http://www.foamboardsource.com/ at affordable prices. FoamBoardSource is known for delivering the best quality boards to its customers at cost-effective rates. It has maintained a good reputation in the market by providing excellent services to customers. Visit the website to view its encompassing range of boards from which to choose the apt one, fitting your requirements. 

Foamboard is also known as foamcore, and has been used across numerous industries. They are used in schools, offices, and homes for covering the specific requirements of projects. Many advertisement companies use them for mounting photographs and posters of all kinds. You can see foamboards in convention centers, and at conferences and tradeshows. 

Foamcore is also used extensively in arts and crafts work. It is an ideal option for all kinds of crafting materials. Adhesive boards are particularly preferred in crafts projects. You can cut the board with the right cutting tools to get smooth, clean edges. Self-adhesive foamboard can also be used for protecting valuable artwork on acid-free foam core.

You can make attractive photo frames with it and hang them in your living room. This is a simple and inexpensive application of the material. Also, you can use it to make fancy dress costumes for your child. For example, make popcorn box dress out of it. But, make sure that your little one is comfortable wearing it. You can even make decorative items such as cartoon characters, paintings, and much more with foamboard. 

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There are many additional categories of foamboards such as pre-cut acrylic shapes, foil laminated foam board, reflective, Coroplasts, and dry erase boards. If you are looking for highly sensitive foamboard with which to mount valuable artwork, white acid-free foam boards are an ideal option as they can protect and preserve your work.

So, buy diverse assortments of foamboard, including colored foam board and use them for a display of notices, announcements, posters, and photos. The fundamental options of foamboard consist of presentation boards, colored boards, Sintra PVC boards, Gatorfoam board, acid-free boars, JetMount foam board, flame resistant board, Rynoboard foamboards, Styrene-faced foamboards, and acrylic boards. All of these are available at http://www.foamboardsource.com/. So, hurry up! Use this creative and quality material for your varied applications.

Gift your Daughter a ‎Foamboard‬ Playhouse for her Birthday

Foamboard is a widely-used material for a gamut of applications. It has several exceptional characteristics and is known for its strength, durability, flexibility, and light weight. You can cut it into desired shapes with the help of the right cutting tools. It can be used as a bulletin board, for making photo frames, mounting paintings, etc. Buy any type of foamboard, including one-sided colored, PVC, white and black, acid-free, presentation, Gatorfoam, Rynoboard, flame resistant, or styrene-faced foam board according to your work requirements.

Foamboard is available in diverse sizes, thickness, and colors. Use it to decorate the interior of your home to enhance the overall grace of the space. This is certainly a cost-effective way to boost the appeal of your environment. You can also make a customized playhouse using foamboard for your daughter. Gift it on her birthday to bring an ear-to-ear smile to the face.

Giving a handmade gift to a loved one adds an emotional touch. It shows your love and makes the receiver experience delight as well. So, gear up to make your little angel’s birthday special by making a playhouse using supreme quality foamboard. 

It may take some time to make the complete playhouse, but it is worth it. Your kid will be very happy upon seeing it. You know about the taste of your child and you decorate the playhouse by adding a few embellishments. Keep a teddy bear or a Barbie doll inside for a surprise.

Get everything ready before starting the playhouse. You will need decorative paper and items like pencil, glue, chart paper, scale, etc. to make this masterpiece.  Make sure you take proper measurements when designing the playhouse per your expectations.  Foamboard is flexible and you can fold it into the desired shape. So, you can make an attractive playhouse out of it.

Today, foamboard is in high demand because of its extensive range of benefits. Apart from making a playhouse for your child, you can use foamcore to decorate the kids’ rooms. Make their favorite cartoon character on it and then paste it to a room’s wall. In this way, you can enhance the look of the space without hurting your pocketbook. Also, you can make a Barbie doll house with the help of foamboards. Girls are crazy about these dolls and seeing a beautiful house for their favorite toy will give them sublime happiness. Involve your children in making the model. This will be a fun activity for them and they will certainly learn a lot of new things.

If you are looking for the best place to buy the highest quality foamboard, then get in touch with www.foamboardsource.com. Buy any type of foamcore at affordable rates here. Check the website to get details about the wide range of core. Choose any of them as per your requirements. You can indeed rely on www.foamboardsource.com as they never compromise on the quality of their products.

Make a Nail Polish Shelf with a Quality Foamboard

Foamboards are strong sheets that can be used to protect almost all parts of your home or commercial premises, including the roof. They are also known as foamcore and offer good thermal resistance that can improve the structural strength of your home.

Foamboards can be used in numerous other applications like mounting purposes, decoration, etc. You can make an efficient and attractive nail polish shelf with it. So, arrange your polishes properly with this idea. This is indeed a cost-effective way to use space efficiently.

Foamcore is a light weight and durable material whose popularity has been escalating significantly. You can buy quality board at http://www.foamboardsource.com/. Here, you can get customized products according to your requirements. So, buy a surperior board of any color, thickness, and strength. 

You can make a nail polish shelf of any size with the help of foamboard. Divide the shelf into different columns to keep all your nail shades in order. Also, you can designate some space to keep combs, hair pins, and creams.

You will need some craft or decorative paper to make the shelf. Set up the pasting material, scale, pencil, foamcore, chart, etc. beforehand to make it easier to fashion your masterpiece.

This is a new and innovative method to make space for your nail polish and other accessories. This is one simple way to make the best use of the board. There is a myriad of other applications as well.

Those who run an advertising firm can use foamboard to display the details of the goods and services of a business. You can also make a cartoon character on the foamcore and hang it on a window or a wall. Many educational institutions and commercial offices use foamcore as a bulletin board to display information about an upcoming event.

Artists also know the value of this material and use it for architectural models. They also use it to display their beautiful paintings in an exhibition. Foamcore can also be used to make different types of photo frames; you can make hanging or symmetric frames. Enhance the grace of your home and keep beautiful memories alive by decorating with handmade photo frames.

These are just some of the applications of foamboard. Christmas is coming and you can use it to make many decorative items-- an attractive Christmas tree and a Christmas painting-- and display them on your rooms’ walls.

Foamboard is sturdier than the cardboard and can be used in an inumerable applications. It has many efficient characteristics which is why people prefer it. Working with this material is very easy, so buy it today at http://www.foamboardsource.com/.  It is essential to use the right cutting tools to get clean and even cuts. Foamboardsource has been serving loyal clients for many years and delivers the best quality products. You can certainly rely on them to get superior foamboard at affordable rates.

Use Foamboard to Make Diverse Decorative Items for Christmas

Christmas is the birthday of the Lord Jesus and is celebrated with pomp and show on the 25the of December. People make a lot of pre-Christmas preparations. They decorate their house beautifully, make mouth-watering dishes, and throw parties. This Christmas, you can make diverse decorative items by yourself instead of purchasing them from the stores. So, use foamboard to make tailored items.

Foamboard is lightweight, durable, and flexible. They come in diverse types, each having its own unique properties. It is widely used for numerous applications, including making photo frames, bulletin boards, etc. It is available in different colors and thicknesses. You can use any of them according to your work requirements. It is easily available and will not hurt your pocketbook. You can use foamboard to make diverse items for this Christmas. Below are some of the amazing ideas which you can implement:

Make a Christmas countdown advent calendar- Use foamboard to make engaging calendars with little doors/drawers and label them from 1 to 24. Open each numbered door for the relevant day of December that passes. You can also put your favorite candy inside.

Make attractive Christmas cards for your loved ones- It is always heartfelt to get a card around the holidays. Make personalized cards or paintings on foamboard and give them to your friends on Christmas Eve. You will be touched by seeing their reaction upon receiving the cards.

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Give photo frames to friends and relatives- You can use foamboard to make attractive photo frames and gift them to your dear ones. This will add a very personal touch. You can make frames of any shape and color. Also, if you want to make hanging frames, you can go for it as well. These homemade crafts are a great way to show your love and care for close ones. It is better to start your preparation a few days before the festival to avoid any last minute stress.

Make Christmas treat boxes- You can bake cookies, cake, and candies. Make captivating boxes to pack these delicious items. You can also throw a party in your home and keep these baked items in self-made foamboard bowls. Wrap your delicious treats properly before giving them out. Use plastic wrap or a ribbon to make these edible gifts presentable.

Decorate your home- Make attractive decorative items with foamboard to enhance the grace of your space. Decorate the Christmas tree by making several items with the board. You can even make an engaging piece of art for your front yard.

These are some of the excellent ideas that you can adopt to make the best items for this Christmas. A lot of people have made countless applications with foamboard. You can also do the same. This sturdy material is easily available on the market. Browse http://www.foamboardsource.com/ to get quality foamboard at affordable prices.

Beautiful Christmas Art for your Garden or Front Yard

Waiting for the magical Christmas morning can be tormenting. Therefore, to kill the time, you can start with its preparations. This year decorate your garden or front yard by making beautiful Christmas art.

Hunt for diverse decorative accessories to make the drawing. Those who want to make an inexpensive and exclusive piece of work can use foamboard to make engaging paintings. It is certainly a unique idea that will enhance the grace of the space without hurting your pocketbook.

Foamboard is easily available in the market and is known for its exceptional features like light weight, sturdy material, etc. It is also called foamcore and can be used for a plethora of applications, including photo frames, bulletin boards, and jewelry boxes. This durable material comes in various colors, thicknesses, and strengths. Buy a tailored board to make engaging art.

To make a Christmas masterpiece, first of all you should have a clear picture of the drawing size you want to make. You can use paint colors, sketch pens, pencils, erasers, chart paper, etc. It is very simple to make the art, and it will not consume a lot of time. You can even surf the Internet to get creative ideas. So, make a little effort and devote some time on the Web to get innovative ideas.

Foamboard is solid and thus there will be no wear and tear on the drawing. It has witnessed tremendous demand due to its countless outstanding characteristics. It is sturdier than cardboard, but still you can bend or warp the board. It is available in diverse types like white and black board, one-sided colored, Sintra® PVC foamboard, Gatorfoam® acid-free, flame resistant foamboard, Jetmount® foamboard, Rynoboard, Styrene-faced, presentation foam board, acrylic, self-adhesive, and many more.

Many people use this board to make decorative items for their homes, like photo frames. You can make either hanging or other type of frames with it. So, make the best use of foamboard for your particular application.

Many people use it in an exhibition as a backing to display valuable artwork. You can also make attractive signs and displays. Foamboards are also used in schools, offices, universities, and colleges as bulletin boards to share important information.

Foamboards are also used by artists to make engaging architectural models. Advertising companies can use it to mount posters and promote goods or services to the general public.

Many online and offline stores provide foamboard. But, not every shop can give a quality product. Therefore, it is best to shop at an established store to get the best boards. These boards are available in different thicknesses. They require a correct cutting tool to get clean and even cuts. So, visit www.foamboardsource.com to get the utmost quality foamboard at affordable prices. Make attractive decorative item for this Christmas with it.