Foamboard- A Versatile Material Providing Extensive Usage

In the world of business marketing, foamboard is a valuable and versatile material that can be used to accomplish diverse needs of individuals. It is a durable, flexible and lightweight sheet. People use it for backing artwork, sign making, mounting photographic and 3D designs, as well as other purposes. It is available in many colors, including white, black, grey, etc.

Foamboard is also known as foamcore, and you can use it for displaying announcements, posters, notice papers, and photo framing. This versatile material is an ideal option for craft projects and for supporting different categories of crafting materials. You can make different types of photo frames such as those that hang, wall frames, and other types with this board. It has a flat, clean and bright surface, and can deliver the required effectiveness to the craft projects. It is essential to use the right cutting tool to get even surfaces of the board. Foamcore comes in different types, such as colored foamboard, Sintra, acid-free board, JetMount foam board, Rynoboard, Styrene-faced, and presentation.

Get unparalleled quality foamboards at Here, you can get an extensive range of boards in different sizes, colors, and materials. All the products are available at cost-effective prices and are of surpassing quality. You can also make decorative items with it. Christmas is coming, and you can make an attractive Christmas tree with foamboard. Enhance the look and feel of your home space this Christmas by making various decorative items using this material. Its user-friendly known for its sturdy and lightweight nature. Below are the details of some of the boards, like:

1. Foamcore: This is a standard, versatile, and outstanding graphic and display board. It is ideal for die cutting, screen printing, mounting, and framing. This particular foamboard has hard extruded polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of semi-gloss white clay coated paper.

2. Gatorboard: This is strong and durable, and less prone to denting as compared to the standard foamcore. It is available in diverse thickness so you can buy as per your application’s requirements. This new and bright white sheet is suitable for digital and screen printing. It has an exceptional reputation due to its strong performance.

3. PVC Board: PVC is often known as Sintra and is made completely out of thin plastic. You can get PVC in various thicknesses. It is heavier than Gatorboard and can be bent to some extent; but, it is not inclined to denting. Sintra PVC foamboard is a very sturdy PVC sheet that is highly recommended for use in display construction, photo mounting, etc.

So, purchase any kind of foamboard, depending on the requirements of your application at The site provides different kinds of boards on which to mount your graphics. Whether your display graphic will be used indoors or outdoors, or has to be put on a wall, you can get everything with foamboardsource. No matter what kind of foamboard you need, foamboardsource can accomplish your requirements.

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