Gatorfoam- A Type of Foamboard with Several Exceptional Features

Whether you want to mount display graphics, pictures, signs, or frames, always use a supreme quality material that can hold your piece together for a long time. There are several trending products available on the market. One material is foamboard, which has been used for simple to complex applications. It is available in different thicknesses, sizes, and types. You can buy the right one according to your project requirements. Black and White, PVC, Gatorfoam, Rynoboard, Acrylic, Presentation, and JetMount are a few of them you can find. We offers a myriad of foamcore choices and other accessories at affordable prices.  

Each type of foamboard has its unique characteristics. In this blog, we will explore the details of Gatorfoam, a robust board with a resin permeated surface. Gatorfoam boards are durable and can have both hard and smooth surfaces. They can be cut into any shape with the right cutting tool. Designers, photo mounters, engineers, artists, sign painters, architects, etc., all use customized board, as per their application demands. Truly, Gatorfoam is a creator’s find and an ideal option for various projects. This effective foamcore can be extensively used for presentations and other projects that require a good strength. They are widely appreciated for their sturdiness and stability; many features compiled in one type of board. They come in black, white, natural finish, and are available in different types, including:

Plain Gatorfoam: This is one of the most utilized types of foamcore, available on the market. It is known for its versatility and can be used in a maximum number of applications. It is excellent for diverse projects that require high stability and durability as their prime requirements. It is packed with enormous sturdiness and dent-resistant properties.

Self-adhesive Gatorfoam: This choice allows for the mounting of items without hot mounting or lamination equipment. It features pressure sensitive cold adhesive, so you just peel off the cover, stick on your print and press it down.

Heat-activated Gatorfoam: This product uses a heated roll laminator, clamshell presses, and vacuum presses to mount your materials easily. It comes with a special adhesive, ensuring consistency and strong bonding for your mounting material. It can save you money and time during the mounting process by removing the tissue adhesive application.

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These are some of the different types of Gatorfoam. If you are searching for a particular board, having an optimal thickness and strength, then you should definitely opt for Gatorfoam. Taking advantage of its light weight and increased durability, you will find it ideal for display purposes. It is a more practical alternative to cardboard. Gatorboard should be considered for making sign boards as compared to other types of foamboard because of its surpassing quality. The high quality allows you to use it for professional logos, directories, and product displays for businesses and stores. Visit Foamboard Source to get details about the extensive range of foamboard available. Get any of them according to your project requirements. The website has maintained a good name in the market by delivering outstanding service.

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