Looking for Creative Foamboard Ideas? Your Hunt Ends Here!

If you have ever used foamboards, you know how fabulous they are. The material is exceptional for a myriad range of commercial as well as non-commercial applications. They are available in several types including Gatorfoam, Acrylic, Presentation, PVC, and more.

PVC, generally known as Sintra, is a substrate made from thin plastic. You can get it in any thickness, according to your project requirements. The substrate is durable, moderately heavier than Gatorfoam and resistant to denting. Sintra PVC board is an extremely sturdy PVC sheets that can be used for photo mounting, display construction, etc. PVC comes with/ without a self-adhesive peel. Apart from this type, you can use other foamboards for your project application. There are enormous creative things to do with them for diverse projects:

Holiday Decorations- For the festive season, use foamboard to make holiday decorations! This is one of the most inexpensive ways to give a lively feel to your space for every holiday without hurting your pocketbook. Use the right cutting tools to give desired shapes to the foamboard. Also, you can paint or draw on foamcore to make it festive. For example, you can make several candy canes to line your walkway.

Wall Clocks- Make a customized clock for your home with the help of foamboard. Keep all the required accessories close at hand, like a battery pack, clock arms, etc., to avoid any inconvenience. Drill a hole through the foamboard, put the arms through the hole and attach the battery pack to the back side to make a working clock. Added embellishments, like a photo, give an attractive appeal. You can even symbolize the 12 sections of time around the clock. Make the clock match the decor of a room in your home.

Craft Projects- Foamboard is a robust material that can work for countless craft projects. Besides the plain version, you can get it in an acid-free type to use for scrapbooking projects without harming your photos or memorabilia. If a project requires thick and durable materials, like cardboard or poster board, then this is certainly a great alternative to add dimension along with quality to the project.

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Bulletin Board- Use foamboard to make a tailored bulletin board. Cover it with fabric and hang it on a wall. They are widely seen in offices or colleges to display important messages and keep everybody updated about upcoming events. You can also put a frame around it to make it look more finished. Pushpins can easily stick right into the foamcore without any difficulty. The best part is that you can make display boards according to your home’s decor. Put one in your child’s bedroom and one in the kitchen for family members to use for communication.

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