The Multiple Features and Types of Foamboard

Foamboard is a widely-used material known for its robust and durable nature. It is available in a myriad of options, each performing a specific work application. Many advertisement industries use it extensively to mount posters. Features like flexibility and endurance make it an ideal option for mounting photographs and posters of all kinds.  

Foamboard is a versatile material that comes in a broad range of colors and types suitable for numerous applications. Furthermore, it is lightweight and can support all types of crafts projects. Enhance the grace of your house by making different decorative items using this effective material. It is essential to use the right cutting tools to get even shapes. Generally, foamboard has smooth, clean and bright surfaces, which gives the required vitality to craft projects. You can even make bulletin boards, posters, photo framing and more with it. Foamboard comes in an extensive range of categories, including colored foamboard, Gatorfoam, acid-free boards, jetMount, self-adhesive foamboard, presentation boards, and many more.

Colored foamboard can be used for making various Do-it-yourself projects, such as wall art, photoframes, etc. This type of board offers you the ingenious edge of color for presentations that will carry impact and command attention. It is lighter than wood, but more rigid than poster board. Colored foamboard has a strong polystyrene core and is a strong and durable material. Accent it with glitter, paint, fabric or other embellishments to get professional results. It is easy to cut,  has an ultra-smooth surface, and is available in diverse sizes.

Self-adhesive foamboard is another widely-used foamcore and it is a perfect choice for cold mounting photos and artwork. It features acid-free adhesive and is chemically inert. This foamboard is generally available as standard foamboard, Gatorfoam, posterboard, acid-free, JetMount, RynoBoard, Coroplast, and Sintra PVC. This  foamboard consists of a special pH-neutral adhesive. It forms a very smooth and strong bond that will not become brittle over time. It is the ideal solution for cold mounting as you just peel and stick on your art piece. 

These are some of the beneficial features of foamboard. It is very important to have good knowledge about the diverse types of foamcore so that you can use the particular one according to your project needs. Amid the many online foamboard suppliers available on the market, Foamboard Source has maintained a stellar reputation. It is the largest supplier of supreme quality foamboard available in diverse types such as colored foamboard, Sintra PVC, presentation. You can even get various accessories and cutting tools for it. It offers numerous useful accessories, including foamboard hanging coils, panel connectors, foam hangers, panel connector discs, standard edge trim, dual grip hinges, double wing easels, perimeter trim machine and lineals, yard sign holders, double-sided foam tape, Velcro tape and coins, etc. For more information about foamboard, visit the website today!

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