Explore Foamboard and use it According to your Project Demands

Most of us are well aware of the diverse benefits of foamboard. Since its inception, people have been using it for a plethora of needs to accomplish both domestic and commercial work applications. Foamboard is known to be very strong, lightweight, durable, and useful for all kinds of projects. Use the right cutting tools to cut foamboard in desired shapes. Get even and unjagged shapes with the correct tools. 

Foamboard has a myriad of uses, such as mounting, displaying and packaging. It is used in exhibitions and the advertising industry to display and mount posters. In this article, we intend to explore a few types of foamboard and its uses. Knowing which type of foamboard to use is the artist’s task. This includes recognizing which one is best for displaying information.

Sintra PVC Foamboard:  Sintra PVC foamboard is a very durable PVC sheet that can be used for photo mounting and various other purposes. It comes in diverse thicknesses, including 1, 2, 3, 6, and 13 mm.  The substrate is completely made of expanded PVC and is long-lasting, moderately heavy, and resistant to dents. In comparison to Gatorfoam, Sintra PVC foamboard is heavier. It also has a self-adhesive peel and stick film for mounting. The self-adhesive PVC is a very durable sheet. You just have to peel off the release liner and mount. You can even get it without pressure sensitive coating.

Acid-fee Foamboard: Acid-free foamboard is an excellent choice for framing. It offers an acid-free barrier between the mounting board and artwork. Acid-free foamboard has been used by professional framers, artists, photographers, and craftspeople for years who are apprehensive about preserving their work. This type of foamboard provides the best protection and handling. Its surface is fully acid-free and cushioned to maintain a neutral pH level. The core of the substrate is also chemically inert. Acid-free foamboard also exhibits all the qualities of regular foamboard, such as light weight and moisture resistance.

Gatorfoam Foamboard: Gatorfoam is ideal for mounting and making exhibits and signs. It is known for its light weight, strength, firmness and dent resistance.  Plain Gatorfoam is available in these thicknesses: 3/16”, 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2", and 2".  You can also get pressure sensitive Gatorfoam  available in different thicknesses, including 3/16”, 1/2", 3/4", and 1.” Gatorfoam is similar to  self-adhesive foamboard as it has foam in the middle and features thin sheets of rigid resin-impregnated paper. These face liners play a significant role in making the material more durable and resistant to denting and warping. Self-adhesive Gatorfoam board is ideal for mounting, exhibits, signs, and other practical purposes. If your project demands light weight, strength, stiffness, and warp resistance, then go for this substrate. It is also available without the self-adhesive material.

These are some of the different types of foamboard. If you are looking for quality and affordable foamboard, visit the official website at foamboardsource.com. Here, you will get unsurpassing quality products. It has maintained a good name in the market by delivering the best quality foamboard and related accessories.

Foamboard Cutting- Must-Have Tools for your Craft Box

Favorable properties such as light weight, versatility, sturdiness, etc. make foamboard a preferred material for both industrial and residential applications. It is the topmost choice for craft projects, commercial use and more. The substrate is very convenient to work with and can easily be cut into different shapes.  

However, it’s soft surface and light weight property make cutting and shaping a little difficult at times. Gatorboard which is hard on the outside and soft inside makes  cutting the material a challenging task. The best way to cut and shape it is to make use of the right cutting tools to get a neat and clean finish. 

Here are a few foamboard cutting tools that help you cut the material to perfection-

Perimeter trim system - This easy-to-use perimeter trim system allows you to quickly add a decorative edge to mounted pictures and signs. For all your DIY projects, this tool is essential. Whether you are working on gatorboard, acid-free foamboard, or Sintra PVC, the perimeter trim system tool helps you cut the material the way you like.

Olfa Knives - Olfa knives have specially-designed blades that let you cut and shape perfectly. Its ultra slim design makes it the go-to foamboard cutting tool for professional graphic artists and sign-making experts. Featuring a contoured snap-off blade, ABS handle, side lock, and pocket clip/blade snapper, this popular heavy-duty cutter is ideal for your craft projects.

V-Groove Cutter - If your project requires 90 degree corners, then this cutter is just right for creating boxes and helps you get clean, straight corners. This easy-to-use cutting tools features quick change blade clips, adjustable blade depth, and an on-board blade storage drawer with five blades.  This cutter is for use on foamboard only.

Foamwerks Foamboard Freestyle Cutter - This tool helps cut materials easily and precisely. It is perfect for framing and making signs, 3-D models, craft projects and home decor. If you are working with colored foamboard and want neat edges, this tool is for you. However, this cutter is not designed to work on harder materials such as Gatorboard, Sintra PVC, etc. 

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In addition to using the right cutting tools, here are two important things you need to know before cutting the material-

Making fine detailed cuts to get a neat finish- It is always a smart decision to utilize special tools that have been uniquely designed to cut foamboard when you are working on a complicated design or larger project, especially where your business reputation is at stake. In addition, when you have to design display boards using gatorboard, cutting the material can be a little tricky. Using specialized tools such as a free-style cutter, circle cutter, etc. allows you to make fine detailed cuts that help you get a neat finish.

Cutting neat geometric shapes- If your project demands neat and flawless geometric designs such as letters and shapes, a die cutting tool is the right solution. These tools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfectly suited to specific needs. A typical die-cutting tool helps you create consistent geometrically-shaped designs by using the same die for each piece.   

If you are working on a foamboard project that demands a smooth and neat finish, be it gatorboard, Sintra PVC or colored foamboard, making use of right cutting tools and following the specified techniques is the right approach. All types of foamboard cutting and design tools are available at www.foamboardsource.com/. They will to save you from jagged and uneven edges.

Looking for Attractive Ways to make a Forest-themed Bedroom for your Kids? Try Using Quality Foamboard!

Wherever you live in the world, you can create a sanctuary for your nature enthusiast kid with a forest-themed bedroom. Draw inspiration for the design of the kid’s room from elements related to the forest, including colors and attractive accents to make a space that will make your child feel as if he is in a beautiful and natural picnic spot within the comfort of their own bedroom.

Use a supreme quality foamboard to make all the components of forest-themed design. Paint the top half of the foamboard with a green color. Cover the bottom half with brown coating. Both these hues will create a feeling of being in a forest. Add tree decals and forest animals on the foamboard to give a more forest-like appearance. Cover the floor with a green rug to give a look of grass underfoot in the room. Add matching fabric to augment the ambience. A dark green comforter and brown flannel sheets or plaid bedding would definitely work. Make images of deer and bears on foamboard and set them on the dresser as well as the wall shelves. Also, pitch a tent in the room’s corner, where children can play or have fun sleepovers.

Foamboard is easily available and a perfect material to make forest-themed elements. Using it for diverse DIY projects will not put any burden on your pocketbook. This is the easiest and most affordable manner to give a new look to a home space. Involve your children in the entire process. This will enhance their creativity and they will learn something new. 

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Give new wings to your creativity by using foamboard for numerous projects. It is available in different colors, sizes and thickness. Get custom-tailored boards according to your requirements. The price of this material depends on the size, type of foamboard and other parameters. Pick the best one, according to the project necessity. Cut it into any shape using the right equipment. It is available in different types, like PVC, Gatorfoam, Acrylic, Presentation, and many more. 

Gatorfoam is the leading choice for different applications due to its beneficial features like high durability, great strength, and rigidity. Get it in diverse types, such as self-adhesive Gatorfoam. Foamboardsource is the right place to get quality foamboard at cost-effective prices.

Gatorfoam is best for display purposes. Advertising companies can use it to mount posters. Some of the foamboards are self-adhesive, and do not require any glue or paste. Use them if your project demands these assets.

As parents, you would do everything for your kids, and decorating their rooms is one of the best ideas. It will bring a smile to the faces of the little angels and add a personalized touch as well. Use foamboard to decorate other rooms of the house as well. Give any theme to a room with this every effective material.

Make Prize Wheels for Corporate Parties Using Foamboard

A corporate picnic is a perfect way to get all the employees out of formal clothes and into a more personal setting. It is a good way to foster good bonding. This will create a positive vibe in the work environment, thereby enhancing the overall work productivity. To organize a successful corporate party and for maximum participation of the employees, you need to plan several engaging games. Merely focusing on good food and ambiance is not enough! 

Make a prize wheel using colored  foamboard or pvc sheets at your corporate picnic to give employees an opportunity to take their turn at a spin to win exciting prizes. This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to add fun to the party. This prize wheel will also inform the employees as to what they can win. So, what are you waiting for? Make this fun-filled game today to add more enjoyment in your party! You will need certain things like a pencil, the right cutting tool, foamboard, etc. You can even make foamboard posters to enhance the decorations and give a fun-loving feel to the ambiance. You can use foamboard to make several other games as well.

Make sure you use quality foamboard in making a prize wheel game. Get the unsurpassed quality material at Foamboardsource. Foamboard is a versatile material, having a myriad of exceptional features and uses in countless applications. Many people are inclined to use it due to its beneficial characteristics, such as light weight, long-lasting, strong, and supple. It is available in an extensive number of types, including:
  • Colored foamboard
  • Sintra PVC
  • Gatorfoam board
  • Flame resistant boards
  • Cake boards
  • Reflective
  • Rynoboard foamcore
  • Acid-free
  • JetMount
  • Presentation boards
  • Styrene-faced
  • Dry erase boards
  • Acrylic boards
  • Coroplast
Each of these foamboards has exceptional characteristics, properties and affordable prices. Each is used for particular applications. Get good information about them to be able to buy the specific one that caters to your requirements. For example, Gatorfoam board is used for digital and screen printing and vinyl graphics. It is a composite sandwich made of extruded polystyrene foamboard bonded between two wood-fiber veneer sheets. It is harder than regular foamboard and resistant to scratches and dents. Get it in any thickness and color, including white, natural (a light brown), and black. Also, Gatorfoam board is lighter than Sintra PVC. So, buy Gatorfoam today for your work application. 

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Foamboard can be used to create diverse do-it-yourself projects, like displaying posters and notices, creating engaging artwork, making photo frames, etc. Decorate your kids’ rooms by making foamboard posters, and hang them on any of their walls. Also, make attractive photo frames using this material to augment the grace of the space. The best thing about http://www.foamboardsource.com/ is that you can get it tailored to your needs depending on your work requirements. Also, it is affordable and will not empty your pocketbook. Take your creativity to a new level by making diverse items using foamboard.

Want to Know the Details about PVC Foamboard? Here's an Article to Help you Out!

Foamboard is a robust and lightweight material that can be easily cut with a right cutting tool. It can be used for numerkous applications like mounting prints and photographs and as backing in picture frames.

Cut the foamcore into any shape you like and add embellishments to make it look more attractive. Use it for interior design work and architectural models. You can even make photo frames. Keep beautiful memories alive forever by making customized photo frames using foamboard.

Foam board has three layers; the inner layer is polystyrene or polyurethane foam sandwiched by a white clay coated paper.

It is available in different types such as self-adhesive PVC, pressure sensitive PVC, acid-free, flame-resistant, presentation, acrylic, and many more. In this article, we will discuss the details of PVC foamboard. So, let’s get started!

PVC foamboard can be extensively used for various applications. Its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride. Whether you run an advertising, building or furniture business, you can certainly use this type of foamboard.

PVC foamboard is lightweight and moisture and corrosion resistant. It is also resistant to chemicals and has low water absorption. It comes as self-adhesive PVC, pressure sensitive PVC, etc. Each of these has certain characteristics that make it unique and useful for particular applications.

Self-adhesive PVC does not require any external pasting material. It is coated with cold adhesive; just peel it off and use it for your mounting project. It comes in different sizes and thicknesses. Pressure-sensitive PVC foamboard comes with a permanent adhesive. It is ideal for laminating items like photos, blueprints, canvas, etc. 

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The foamboard has a cold mount pressure activated mounting substrate containing thermoplastic adhesives. It is dry and has synthetic adhesives that are clean, easy to use, and odorless; it uses no solvents, has a neutral pH, and is chemically inert. Get the best quality pressure sensitive PVC, self-adhesive PVC, and other types of foamboard at Foamboardsource. You can easily engrave, crush, imprint, paint, and laminate the foamboard according to your requirements. The best thing about foamboard is that it does not decay over time and the colors do not fade. Below are some of the main characteristics of PVC foamboard:
  • Fire resistant, water proof and unaffected by moths, acid, heat, light, etc.
  • Ideal substitute for aluminum, wood and other composites
  • Superior quality used for diverse projects
  • Surface resistant to dents
  • Resistant to mold and mildew and has non-moisture absorbency
  • Texture is light and portable
  • It is flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • Colors of the foamboard are long lasting with minimal fading
These are some of the exceptional features of PVC foamboard. If you are looking for the best place to get superior quality and affordable foamboard, then nothing can replace our site at Foamboardsource.com. Shop to get the best quality foamboard at cost-effective prices.

Know the History, Types, Uses and Other Details of Foamboard

Foamboard is a robust, long-lasting, and easy-to-cut material that can be used for various projects, including crafting and picture framing. It is available in different sizes as well as thicknesses. Get customized foamboard of unsurpassed quality at the official website of FoamBoardSource. Foamboard is available in diverse types such as PVC, Gatorfoam, Acrylic, Presentation, colored foamboard, and many more. Foamboard is also known as foamcore as its core is polystyrene sandwiched between thick paper. 

Light up your display or design graphics with colored foamboard. Get it in extensive colors such as:
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Violet
  • Blue
  • Black matte
  • Green
This foamboard comes with color on one side. Depending on sizes and quantities ordered you can mix colors in a carton to make a polychromatic color box. It is perfect for crafts, signs, presentations, framing, mounting, screen printing, and laminating. Colored foamboard is ideal for structural applications like displays, exhibits, and models. The core is resilient polystyrene, and it is not prone to denting or crushing. It is amazingly strong, rigid, and lightweight allowing it to be cut into any shape using the right cutting equipment. The surface is smooth and suitable for paint, markers, glue, and other embellishments. Use it to accomplish your craft work and anything from school projects and framing to mounting.

History of Foamboard

Foamboard was introduced in the late 1950s and was manufactured by the Monsanto Company, which has since gone out of the fiber business. It included clay-coated paper and was marketed to graphic artists.

Uses of Foamcore

Foamboard is preferred over other materials because of its exceptional characteristics. It is light in weight, which allows it to be hung on a wall hassle-free. This is why it is often used as a firm backing by proficient picture framers, interior designers, architects, and related professionals. It is highly portable and can be used for presentations including elementary school projects, expo booths and business conferences. Form floor puzzles for children by cutting them into diverse shapes.

Model Building

Use foamboard to make a wonderful Barbie doll house. Bring a smile to the face of your little angel by making a beautiful custom house for her. Include her as well in the activity to make her happy and to enhance her creativity. Use embellishment to make it look extra attractive. You can even make photo frames and other decorative items using foamboard to augment the grace of your home. 

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Cutting Foamboard

Use some kind of mat under your cutting area to prevent damage to your table. Use the right cutting tool and apply gentle pressure to get smooth and even shapes of foamboard.

Attaching Items to Foamboard

The best thing about foamboard is that you can stick pins to it. Also, gluing things onto it is easy. However, make sure you choose the adhesive carefully. Obviously, you won’t want to have wrinkles on the exposed parts of the paper backing. Also, don’t use anything that will "eat" the polystyrene. Go for spray adhesives to apply paper over foamboard to get an even coat. You can also opt for scrapbooking tape, photo corners, or other non-liquid adhesives. 

For quality foamboards, visit http://www.foamboardsource.com/.

Pick the Right Foamboard for Your Work Application

If you are looking for an affordable and easily accessible material to accomplish your numerous Do-it-yourself project needs, then nothing can replace foamboard.  It is a robust material having a myriad of exceptional features that make it the preferred craft choice. 

Foamboard is a long-lasting and lightweight material that can be easily cut into any shape using the right cutting tools. It is imperative to use appropriate equipment to get smooth and even shapes.  Foamboard is divided into different types, including:
  • White and black foamboard
  • One-sided colored
  • PVC board
  • Gatorfoam
  • Acid-free Foamboard
  • Flame-resistant foamboard
  • Self-adhesive
  • JetMount
  • Rynoboard
  • Styrene-faced
  • Presentation
  • Acrylic
Each type of foamboard has several exceptional characteristics and is used for particular applications. Self-adhesive foamboard is the ideal option for cold mounting photos and artwork as it is chemically inert. You can get it as one or two-sided pressure sensitive. If you are looking for supreme quality self-adhesive foamboard, the official website of Foamboard Source is the right place to visit.

Use any type of relevant and versatile material for an encompassing range of purposes, such as:
  • decorative artwork for walls
  • mounting paintings
  • photographs
And a lot more!  Today, there has been a significant increase in the demand or foamboard for professional and personal applications. Get tailored foamboard in any size and thickness to be used according to your requirements.

The prices may vary depending on the type of foamboard: the size, thickness, and other parameters. Avoid inconvenience by choosing the right type. Read the details of diverse types of foamcore and then buy the one that caters to your requirements.

It is very easy to work with foamboard because of its numerous features. It is not rigid and hence it can be transformed into various shapes with the right cutting tools. Give any theme to your house by making diverse decorative items using it. 

Make the favorite character of your child on this board and paste it on his room wall to give a kid-based theme to the space. Using foamboard to augment the look and feel of the space will certainly not put any burden on your pocketbook. Also, make any type of photo frame, such as a hanging frame, with it. Hang it on a wall to preserve sweet memories forever. 

Foamboard is preferred in schools, offices, and other industries to make customized bulletin boards. Ensure you select the right size and thickness to create a masterpiece. As they are sturdy and light weight, you can use it as backing material for photo mounting and crafts projects.

Many advertising companies use them to display posters and mount paintings. Even in exhibitions, you will see foamcore. Some of the foamboards are self-adhesive in nature and do not require any additional glue. Be careful while selecting the right board for your work application.

Foamboardsource is a renowned name in the market that does not compromise quality. Here, you will see a plethora of foamboard and other accessories at cost-effective prices. Make an outstanding work project by selecting the desired foamboard.

Want to Gain a Good Knowledge about Self-Adhesive Foamboard? This Article is For You!

When we talk about the options available for an encompassing range of materials used for photo framing, mounting pictures, or, creating do-it-yourself craftwork, foamboard takes first place. It is the most preferred material that can be used for various applications. There are several beneficial characteristics of foamboard, which makes it highly preferred. Durability, robustness, and sturdiness are a few of them.  

Foamboard is a lightweight, stable, and long-lasting material used for an extensive range of crafts and other projects. One can cut them into any shape with the help of the right cutting tools. It is a perfect choice for mounting pictures and as a backing material for framing.

Foamboard serves multiple purposes and is also available a wide range of types such as:
  • PVC
  • Gatorfoam
  • Acrylic
  • Presentation
  • Self-adhesive
  • Pressure-sensitive
  • Colored foamboard
The range does not end here. Therefore, it is essential for an individual to have a good knowledge about various types of foamboard to be able to use a particular one that will cater to his/her requirements. For instance, if your project demands the most dent-resistant mounting, then you should go for Gatorfoam board. In this article, you will get a good idea of this self-adhesive product.

Self-adhesive foamboard is widely used for mounting posters and pictures. It features an acid-free adhesive and is chemically inert. You can get it as one or two-sided pressure sensitive. Self-adhesive foamboards can serve as a quick-fix. For permanent applications, several other tactics can be implemented for mounting artwork and pictures.

Self-adhesive foamboard is an ideal choice for cold mounting photographs. Several distinctions of this foamboard include an acid-free adhesive and that it is chemically inactive. It is generally supplied as one or two-sided pressure sensitive board and can be found at     Foamboardsource.com

One of the prime reasons for the popularity of this type of foamboard is that it is pretty fast and easy to use and does not require any external application or drying time. One just has  to peel and stick the item of choice to the surface. This is one of the main reasons why it is suggested for mounting posters, artwork, and photographs. 

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Self-adhesive foamboard does not need any messy spray or glue. You can easily cut it into any shape you want, just like any other type of foamboard. It is available in different sizes and thicknesses, ranging from 1/8 to 3/16 inches. These self-adhesive foam boards can be:
  • self-adhesive Gatorfoam
  • self-adhesive Sintra PVC
  • self-adhesive posterboard
  • self-adhesive acid-free
  • self-adhesive JetMount
  • self-adhesive RynoBoard
  • self-Adhesive Coroplast
Self-adhesive Gatorfoam features toughness, constancy and adaptability. It does not need hot mounting or lamination equipment to mount pictures or other products. It uses a pressure-sensitive cold adhesive; thus, you just peel off the cover, stick on your print, and press it down. This is the ideal solution for do-it-yourself projects such as mounting pictures and other crafts. 

These are the basic details of the self-adhesive foamboard. Get unsurpassed quality foamboard and other accessories at http://www.foamboardsource.com/ at cost-effective prices. Here, you will surely get the best quality products.