Foamboard Cutting- Must-Have Tools for your Craft Box

Favorable properties such as light weight, versatility, sturdiness, etc. make foamboard a preferred material for both industrial and residential applications. It is the topmost choice for craft projects, commercial use and more. The substrate is very convenient to work with and can easily be cut into different shapes.  

However, it’s soft surface and light weight property make cutting and shaping a little difficult at times. Gatorboard which is hard on the outside and soft inside makes  cutting the material a challenging task. The best way to cut and shape it is to make use of the right cutting tools to get a neat and clean finish. 

Here are a few foamboard cutting tools that help you cut the material to perfection-

Perimeter trim system - This easy-to-use perimeter trim system allows you to quickly add a decorative edge to mounted pictures and signs. For all your DIY projects, this tool is essential. Whether you are working on gatorboard, acid-free foamboard, or Sintra PVC, the perimeter trim system tool helps you cut the material the way you like.

Olfa Knives - Olfa knives have specially-designed blades that let you cut and shape perfectly. Its ultra slim design makes it the go-to foamboard cutting tool for professional graphic artists and sign-making experts. Featuring a contoured snap-off blade, ABS handle, side lock, and pocket clip/blade snapper, this popular heavy-duty cutter is ideal for your craft projects.

V-Groove Cutter - If your project requires 90 degree corners, then this cutter is just right for creating boxes and helps you get clean, straight corners. This easy-to-use cutting tools features quick change blade clips, adjustable blade depth, and an on-board blade storage drawer with five blades.  This cutter is for use on foamboard only.

Foamwerks Foamboard Freestyle Cutter - This tool helps cut materials easily and precisely. It is perfect for framing and making signs, 3-D models, craft projects and home decor. If you are working with colored foamboard and want neat edges, this tool is for you. However, this cutter is not designed to work on harder materials such as Gatorboard, Sintra PVC, etc. 

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In addition to using the right cutting tools, here are two important things you need to know before cutting the material-

Making fine detailed cuts to get a neat finish- It is always a smart decision to utilize special tools that have been uniquely designed to cut foamboard when you are working on a complicated design or larger project, especially where your business reputation is at stake. In addition, when you have to design display boards using gatorboard, cutting the material can be a little tricky. Using specialized tools such as a free-style cutter, circle cutter, etc. allows you to make fine detailed cuts that help you get a neat finish.

Cutting neat geometric shapes- If your project demands neat and flawless geometric designs such as letters and shapes, a die cutting tool is the right solution. These tools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfectly suited to specific needs. A typical die-cutting tool helps you create consistent geometrically-shaped designs by using the same die for each piece.   

If you are working on a foamboard project that demands a smooth and neat finish, be it gatorboard, Sintra PVC or colored foamboard, making use of right cutting tools and following the specified techniques is the right approach. All types of foamboard cutting and design tools are available at They will to save you from jagged and uneven edges.

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